Suntegrity is like a natural flawless body powder-pink

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Suitable for white people with ordinary skin tone (Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts) One bottle for maintenance + sun protection + base makeup Makeup feel smoothens skin and conceals Thin and oil-free, matte texture Fragrance-free, vegan, and friendly to


Suntegrity is like a natural flawless body powder-pink


Overturn the all-in-one maintenance foundation, which is easy to cause acne, thick and thick mortar, natural formula without oil, no compound preservatives, and fermented extract of radish root as a natural antiseptic medium. It is the ultimate choice for the combination of moisturizing sunscreen and base makeup! It is also a rare holy product that can repair sensitive and weak acne muscles. Although there are many base makeup products advertised on the market that contain SPF, they cannot usually take into account dual-use applications. Because if you want to apply a sufficient amount, the base makeup tends to look heavy; if you thin it for a light and transparent makeup effect, you won't get the sun protection you deserve. "Like a Naturally Flawless Skin Powder" breaks through such restrictions. The three-in-one formula of maintenance, sun protection and base makeup provides more concealing power than ordinary touch-up sunscreen, creating flawless, smooth skin contact and medium makeup. With a velvety finish, the T-shaped part can go out. Non-nanometer pure zinc oxide is used to create SPF 30 broadband sunscreen, which is the most secure sunscreen option. It also adds sunscreen ingredients such as Melanin to block the sun and fight against blue light. As the best barrier, isolate pollution sources and allergens from the environment. The full formula does not contain any oil and silicic acid. It is rich in vitamins and peptides, which can effectively reduce the signs of aging. Selected by EWG as the best moisturizing sunscreen of 2019! feature of product Does not contain silica, mineral oils and other oils, Parabens, PAEs, sulfates, UV absorbers, nano ingredients, and common synthetic colorants for cosmetics (including some natural organic brands), such as FD & C Dye with carcinogenic concerns Dermatologist-tested and allergy-tested, does not irritate the skin. Natural minerals are used for tinting, so the color of each batch may be slightly different. The matte finish does not feel greasy. How to use: After applying the lotion / serum, take an appropriate amount into the palm, and gently spread it with your fingers, makeup sponge or brush. Can be repeatedly applied locally to increase coverage. Use makeup powder to set your makeup. Precautions: It is for external use only. If the baby is less than six months old, please consult a doctor before deciding whether to use it. If any skin discomfort occurs after use, stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist. Avoid accidentally getting into your eyes. If you accidentally get into your eyes, do not rub them. Rinse immediately with plenty of water. If you still feel unwell, seek medical assistance immediately.


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