Light Jewelery | Water Drops Blue Purple Color Change Moon Stone Czech Glass Bead Necklace

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Soft Boil Egg

Soft Boil Egg ショップへ

Light Jewelery | Water Drops Blue Purple Color Change Moon Stone Czech Glass Bead Necklace


Light jewelry series, especially with gold to create a "light luxury" style! 25-year-old compared to the cheaper and popular jewelry, more like elegant and easy to match the light luxury, such as cosmetics from the beginning with Kose or Maybelline, now prefer to use Dior and Chanel! "Light jewelry" is very consistent with the [half-cooked girl] the original intention: not a bargain, but not affordable expensive luxury; not childish plastic jewelry, not old-fashioned jewelry. Light jewels are suitable for our half cooked girl Oh Wo Oh!

❀ Material Description ❀
Silver Bracelet 45cm
> Czech glass beads
> Moon stone

❀ size specification ❀
Material: Sensitive S925 gold chain

"" Earrings + Necklace Offer Set "" "

★ Package Description:
Each ornament contains a transparent folder bag + own design card + white paper bag + tape tape bag
To support the environmental protection, do not provide any plastic bags, above the folder chain bags, cards and paper bags hope you can receive after the reuse ヽ (◕◞ 4◟◕ `) ノ

★ Write a small note:
Can be free to write notes, please notify us as soon as possible before or after purchase, both English and Chinese, the number of words within 20 words, without notice will not automatically provide.

★ jewelry maintenance methods:
☆ brass / sterling silver:
Brass / sterling silver jewelry will wear because of exposure to the air and our sebum and sweat and wet weather, and the occurrence of micro-oxidized metallic luster becomes dim, it is recommended to wear every day after we can be attached to the folder folder or jewelry box , To reduce the chance of exposure to air to extend the life of jewelry.

☆ If you do not worry about oxidation:
Can be wiped silver cloth or glasses cloth wipe, no silver cloth, then the toothpaste can be squeezed in the cotton pad when the wipe with silver cloth, and then rinse with water and then dry with dry cotton.
Girls do not spray directly on the ornaments perfume, jewelry will directly reduce the life of Oh!

☆ Natural stone & crystal
Although it is stone, but please treat them gently (*ω`) ('ω`*)
Crystal is the need for purification / demagnetization, every time you need to clean, the easiest way is the light method - sun moonlight, moonlight is negative, but also belong to the more flexible light. General crystal is suitable for light law, and light method of demagnetization time at least 3 hours. The following links have a detailed explanation of the various purification methods.
Origin / manufacturing method
made in Hong Kong


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