Valentine's Day present, Aquamarine and Moonstone Bracelet, 14kgf, PinkoiENcontent

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Valentine's Day present, Aquamarine and Moonstone Bracelet, 14kgf, PinkoiENcontent


Valentine's Day present, Aquamarine and Moonstone Bracelet, 14kgf YUFUN I A stone series The effect of Aquamarine: (Tanabata is approaching, pink crystal is the gift of choice!!) Water, is seen as the source of life, in March is particularly active, so the water properties of the sea sapphire is defined as the birth of March stone. Wear it is to let yourself have a sweet love, to maintain the happiness of marriage. ● Product Size The overall length is about 170mm ● Material Description Aquamarine、Moonlight Stone、Freshwater Pearls、14kgf ● Creative description A stone, or "a stone is a world", stands for the very unique piece of precious stone. Put it in your palm and watch, you'll see eternity in a transient moment, and a world in its very core.In every stone there is a world of her own, wonderful and unique, shining with a unique light, which needs us to feel and experience attentively. ● Introduction of the brand YUFUN, which has a unique design concept, was co-founded by two girls graduated from the department of industrial design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. It has a unique insights on aesthetic YU and FUN, and it gives the brand a unique sense of rhythm, elegant but not noisy, independent but not innovative. In the wonderful world created by YU and FUN, looking back suddenly, you will finally find here another beautiful yourself in brilliant lights, with your dreams and faith continuing here forever. ● Material properties 1. 14k gold filled wire(14kgf) imported from the U.S., also called gold filling, is a type of gold plate that forges pure gold outside the metal tire, containing 20/1 of pure gold, with golden tangent planes, and is completely different from gilding. Because the surface is forged with real gold, which is not susceptible to allergies, and not easy to lose the golden texture, it is the best substitute for gold. 2. The thread of Tencel is exquisite and smooth, with a soft sense of line and a strong light reflection. 3. The 925 sterling silver thread is soft in texture and easily gets dark and black because of violent chemical reaction, so it cannot be made into sterling silver jewels, but can be cast with other metals with standard silver content of around 92.5% called International Standard Silver. Compared with the sterling silver, this silver has better hardness and can be crafted into a more sophisticated style, and thanks to its hypoallergenic property, people who have skin allergy can wear it with relief. ● Maitenance Instruction: 1.When you are not wearing it, please put it in the jewelry box. 2.If the silver parts become slightly black due to oxidation, it is suggested to do the cleansing with silver cloth, silver washing liquid or white toothpaste. 3.All jewelries should be put aside when you bath, swim and bath in hot spring. 4.Please do not put the ice ball into water for a long time or wear it when bathing.If it accidentally fall into water, you could immediately dry it with a hair dryer.


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