Nantou State Surname Manor Sunshine (227g)

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227g x 1
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Taste spectrum: Micro-fermented incense, pine, apple, walnut and peanut aroma, sugar cane sweet, slightly sour, long-lasting.



Nantou State Surname Manor Sunshine (227g)


product description

In cooperation with “Linyuan Coffee”, Sengao Coffee has launched a fine-quality medium-light baking sun-dried coffee bean. The country's surname is cultivated by natural farming methods. The raw beans are full of fruit, with light green grass fragrance, no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers. It is a "green coffee" with zero pollution and zero pollution. After baking, the taste is rich, the taste is clear, round and sweet, not bitter, and the caramel taste spreads the taste buds. After drinking the endless charm, it is the favorite of professional bakers.

This batch of beans is produced by sun-dried method. The taste spectrum shows micro-fermentation, pine, apple, walnut and peanut aroma. Sugarcane is sweet and slightly sour. The characteristic of the national name coffee is back to sweetness and sweetness. This batch of sun-dried beans is more with honey and a light fermenting aroma, so that the sweetness can not be lingering in the mouth. It is the best bean species that experts must try.

About the sun

Natural is one of the oldest coffee green beans treatments. According to the 11th century, the Arabs used this method to carry out the post-treatment of coffee fruits. The sun-drying method is to uniformly expose the harvested coffee fruit to sunlight, and then flip it several times a day until the fruit is dry and the internal moisture content of the coffee reaches a certain standard; then the dried hard fruit skin is removed, which is obtained with strong Fermented aroma of sun-dried coffee beans.

The sun-burning method is extremely labor-intensive, and the consumption rate of raw beans is also large, so the general price is high. However, because the process does not require water, it is generally prevalent in the Middle East or parts of Africa where water resources are scarce. Since the whole fermentation process is completed in the coffee peel, the alcohol thickness, fermenting aroma and sweetness of the sun drying method are extremely strong, the acid value is also more obvious, the taste spectrum is high, and the level is relatively clear.

Taiwan has more rain and less sunshine, and the labor cost is higher than that of other coffee producers. The sun-dried beans selected by Sengaosha Coffee come from farmers who have long-term cooperation with the company and have a certain scale. Its production process and quality stability are guaranteed. Among them, farmers use tea, make mushrooms and other equipment to assist in drying and fermenting, so that the sun-dried bean series of Morgo Sand Coffee has a special flavor different from that of international beans.

Way of raising beans

Unlike the old beans that are sold in the "ground coffee", fine coffee can only be fresh. The freshly baked coffee is a fresh product. The chemical changes inside the beans are still carried out. The carbon dioxide will be properly discharged, which is called “exhaust”. The process is about three days to a week. At this stage, the various chemicals in the cooked beans continue to be converted. As the carbon dioxide fills the container or the bag, a protective layer is formed, which helps the bean to reduce oxidation during the conversion process. The process of this transformation is the "cultivating beans" in the mouth of the bean cooker, which is also a necessary process for the formation of coffee flavor.

The "One-way exhaust valve" is attached to the product package of Sengaosha Coffee. The function of the one-way exhaust valve is to raise the beans. When the freshly roasted beans are vented above the upper limit of the container volume, excess gas can be vented through the one-way venting valve. Because it is "one-way", the bean storage tank/bag will not be oxidized by inhaling oxygen during the process, so it can be regarded as sealed until it is opened.

After the baker finishes baking, we will carry out an 8-hour temperature-controlled humidification aeration before the beans are sealed or bagged. However, at this time, "Yangdou" is still in progress. It is recommended that you do not rush to open the package after receiving the beans. Compare the baking date on the bottom of the can or the bag and open it on the fifth day of the baking day. Enjoy the most fragrant coffee. Usually this is the next day you receive the beans and will not cause you to wait too long.

The process of "cultivating beans" is carried out by the coffee beans together with the consumers. We recommend that consumers try out the drinks from Kaifeng and experience the different flavors of this bean in the stage of gradual ripening.

Save and use

Coffee beans should be fresh. Each pot of Morgo's coffee is a freshly baked bean for you. Appreciation time is about 4 weeks from the baking date. Please use it as soon as possible (whether or not it is opened), and remember to place it in a cool place with low humidity and no heat and direct sunlight.

However, due to the relationship between temperature and humidity, the preservation time of coffee beans will change due to the season and climate. If you can't finish it for a while, or if the weather is too hot, it is recommended that you put the coffee beans in the refrigerator for storage. Remind you that due to the high humidity in Taiwan, it is easy to get wet when taking out beans from the refrigerator. Remember to take out the beans when you grind them. Don't let the bean cans leave the refrigerator too early.

Reusing the bean storage tank

The storage tank of Sengaosha Coffee is equipped with a one-way exhaust valve that can be used as a coffee bean for preservation. Customers are advised to re-use, then purchase soft bag products, enjoy preferential treatment and environmental protection, and do their best for the earth.

The bean storage tank is a tinplate can, which can be wiped in the tank. It is not recommended to wash with water. To put in the dishwasher, do not use detergent to prevent the detergent from seeping into the one-way breather valve and air dry as soon as possible after washing to avoid rust.

Origin introduction

Located in the center of Taiwan, the country’s surname has gone out of the coffee road from the scour of the September 21 earthquake. In the past 13 years, the Hakka township, which is named after Zheng Chenggong, has become the largest coffee producing area in Taiwan. The production area adopts safe farming cultivation, insists on not using herbicides and avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers. The beans are full and full, the taste is warm, and the long-lasting return of ordinary coffee is the biggest feature of the national name coffee.


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