Brut Cake - Manual Personal Plate_大(4) - Suitable as Main Menu and Italian Plate

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The hand-painted pattern on the smile series of utensils is Nicole's creation. With a simple brushstroke to draw the wheel gallery, facial features and a light smile, each face can be given a unique character, creating a wonderful connection with the u


Brut Cake

Brut Cake - Manual Personal Plate_大(4) - Suitable as Main Menu and Italian Plate


The ideal living utensils are utensils that do not have a burden on daily use and do not feel nervous even when washing dishes. Brut Cake's Smileware series, the brand's founder and designer, Nicole Teng, is made by hand-drawing embryos. The main dish is the main dish, which is generous and powerful. The middle plate is suitable for feeding as a personal dish. The small dish can be used as a small dish or a dessert plate. The smile series retains Brut Cake's consistent design style. Each small trace of the work, seemingly imperfect flatness, presents a rustic look and feel of the clay, and the de-glazed foot is intended to be used. Those who can touch the essence of the soil, get close to the earth, and gently touch it, can deeply understand. Brut Cake is most concerned about the food safety of the ware glaze. The series of utensils are treated under the "glaze" process. The pattern is first made in the white body and covered with white glaze. The blue and white color materials are fully fused with the glaze, and then fully burned at a temperature of 1240 degrees. Therefore, there is no doubt about the safety of the food. This kind of work method also makes the pattern appear as a layer of smudge marks like ink painting. There are three glaze options for the exterior of the vessel: a warm white with freckles, a calm and elegant sea blue, and a refreshing and warm lake green. Different beauty, the richness of the overlap when stored, can give the user a good mood. The hand-painted pattern on this series of utensils is the creation of Nicole. With a simple brushstroke, the paintings, facial features and a light smile can give each face a unique character and create a wonderful connection with the user. The smile on the vessel is like giving you a warm and satisfying response. Our pottery design, in addition to conveying the simple temperature of the hand, and those who wish to receive and use these utensils, can feel our heart to convey a good life. [Specifications] Size: The diameter of the disk is about 25 cm Color: disk surface - beige, rim - sea blue [Description] The surface of the plate is crystallized with white glaze, and the surface will have a slightly rough and realistic feel. The inside of the edge of the disk presents a faint yellowish yellow color, which is naturally generated when the glaze is volatilized during kiln burning. It is safe and flawless. Please feel free to use it. The pattern on this series of utensils is the creation of Nicole. The first hand is painted with a brush and then made into a seal, and then stamped with glaze. This technique will make the pattern look like ink painting. (The color displayed on each computer screen is different, mainly based on actual colors) Origin / manufacturing methods Shanghai / Hand Molding


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