RADIAL ROUND Reduced Plastic Toothbrush I Supplement Pack (6 in)

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Biodegradable PLA replaces the brush head. No added plasticizer ingredients can be biodegraded, burning environmentally friendly brush head material that does not contain toxic gases. With only one dollar a day, there is no burden on the brush head consuma


RADIAL ROUND Reduced Plastic Toothbrush I Supplement Pack (6 in)


**Estimating with an average of 3 months for a toothbrush, we have to change about 400 toothbrushes in our lifetime.** These non-decomposable plastic toothbrushes are discarded and enter the ecosystem, accumulating in the human body through the food chain. It will have a negative impact on the environment and health in the long run. To solve the problem of discarding 35 million plastic toothbrushes every year, The easiest and most effective way is to provide everyone with a better choice. Radial Round 304 stainless steel two-stage soft-reducing toothbrush! https://80833514-474924947975486267.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/8/0/8/3/80833514/zcsdhgh_1_orig.jpg **[product design focus]** • The brush head ingredients are non-toxic, no plasticizer, no bisphenol A, no eight heavy metals, no base modification materials, Made with PLA polylactic acid, it provides peace of mind and reduces environmental waste. • Small size brush head design makes it easier to clean the inside of the cheeks and the more difficult to brush parts. Sharpening the silk bristles can increase the feel of the gums and improve the brushing of the teeth. **[bristles]** The hair ends are specially treated to not damage the gums and enamel, and match the Asian mouth shape. The designed brush head and soft hair (sharpened silk) are different from the burden and damage caused by the general bristles on the teeth and gums. https://80833514-474924947975486267.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/8/0/8/3/80833514/gmyhl8z_orig.jpg **[The brush head is biodegradable material]** A green product derived from non-main grain starch that can be broken down into CO2 and water by microorganisms in specific environmental soils. Simply replacing the brush head can reduce the environmental burden of manufacturing consumables and the environmental damage of the waste. **【Precautions】** 1. Please rinse with water once before use. Wash thoroughly with water after use. 2. This product is for brushing only and should not be used for other purposes. 3. Do not place this product in a solvent that is easy to dissolve, such as sterilization or bleaching, or hot water of 50 degrees C, so as to avoid deformation and deterioration of the body. 4. For personal hygiene, it is recommended to replace the brush head every 2 months to maintain oral health care. 5. In order to optimize the product design, RADIAL ROUND will make some fine adjustments in the combination of the toothbrush structure or the external body type to make the product better. 6. The replacement brush head can be stored at room temperature for 2 years. In the future, you only need to purchase the brush head replacement kit to replace it. **【Product specifications】** Brush: (soft hair) sharpened wire - PBT (about 1.5 cm long) heat resistant 0-50 degrees c Brush head: PLA polylactic acid (about 6.8 cm long and about 1.2 cm wide) Heat-resistant 0-100 degrees c Number of entries: 6 primary color brush heads Place of Origin: Taiwan Applicable age: 12 years old or older Shelf life: 2 years at room temperature Origin / manufacturing methods Place of origin Taiwan


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