Playmais Play Corn Mosaic Clay Christmas Descendant

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Descent calendar is very common in Germany, celebrate the Christmas look forward to the goods, so that children from the


Playmais Play Corn Mosaic Clay Christmas Descendant

商品説明 From December every day creation to meet Christmas Open a grid every day to create a Christmas card 24 different patterns of mosaic corn clay special paper card Suitable for 3 years old training beauty and hand-eye coordination Playmais latest Christmas with the launch of the mosaic corn clay descends, the carton containing 24 bags of mosaic corn clay and 24 kinds of Christmas decorative small cards for sticking; about 80 bags per bag of corn clay, suitable for 3 years of age Children's hand exercises for small muscle sticking map card. Starting from the first day of December, open a grid of date figures every day, create a colorful Christmas card every day, like a day for a Santa Claus, look forward to Christmas mood homework, for personal use or gifts to children are The most colorful blessings of this season! Descent calendar is very common in Germany, to celebrate the Christmas look forward to the goods, so that children from December 1 onwards, open a grid every day (made of toys, chocolates or small gifts), countdown to Christmas day by day, Until Christmas Eve, open all 24 surprises so far, just to celebrate Christmas. The 10-year-old Playmais in Germany is a creative clay made of corn and food coloring. Over the past decade, the Playmais has brought children in Europe endless joy and creativity, updated equipment and processes to enhance the quality of Playmais, Products even more Germany Spiel Gut (excellent German toy appraisal certification) recognized, the whole process and packaging are completed in Germany, the quality of absolute peace of mind! Play corn creative clay as a biodegradable material, environmental protection without any burden. High chroma of playing corn clay high plasticity, both 2D plane and 3D three-dimensional structure, can stimulate the creative development of children, while allowing the child's muscle size more mature, from simple to high-level work development, as long as the micro-wet, easy to dip Sticky construction, let children play unlimited creativity. Precautions: Since this clay product is made from natural corn extracted and dried, there is no other chemical pest control processing. After unsealing, please keep unused dry seal. Bucket (carton) does not seal after unpacking. Please note that it is stored in a suitable space and properly sealed. Origin: Germany Material: pure food materials (corn, food coloring), paper Quantity: about 1600, 24 cards Size: 48 x 48 x 12cm Weight: 850g


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