Sazerac - Leather purse - Camel

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Sazerac - Leather purse - Camel


Sazerac Saizeruike Saizeruike is a bare Mai Weishi hanged form of a cocktail from the deployment of wine, with a touch of absinthe alcohol, and finally attach decorative lemon peel, taste introverted, level of complexity, emphasizing low-key style of vintage cocktail. Like This purse, with a special style to bring out the oil wax skin texture, the last with both decorative and practical hardware, classic style, exquisite workmanship, the interpretation of a low-key and reserved life texture. / Designers and brand profile / enepic en / epic Leather material rich layers deep, Mature bears a unique charm; as time goes on, Leather more sophisticated full color, as permanent epic epic spread; enepic expectations of our brand products can be like a classic epic, Permanent lips and accompanied by deep historical heart buckle. Leather thick texture and stunning natural aroma deeply touched us, This will move into intimate functional design and delicate hand warm. Carefully selected imported leather, exquisite materials and strict manufacturing processes, careful selection; Studies repeatedly, showing a great leather appearance, the baptism of the unique leather products. enepic emphasize natural leather itself is beautiful, Each works with delicate and the designer's ingenuity level people, After deduction of the time, the leather will fit each other with the user, Your use and irrigation, accumulated a unique leather products mature appearance. About ivicase ivicase sub-brand for the enepic With a lively mix of innovative design, leather escape the established moderate calm; Bright, saturated colors on the color, cut SCIENCE cold feeling 3C products. Science and technology to create a special spark, peripheral products and leather material. / Handmade / natural materials / Handmade leather products may be a slight difference in the nature of the original skin scars, wrinkles and texture, is a normal dermis. Warranty: new flaws, unconditional renewal Repair Warranty: large leather off, returned to the factory for repair within one month after degumming purchase. (This warranty does not guarantee the result of accident, abuse, misuse, improper use or unauthorized repair and modification caused damage for normal wear and tear on the minor surface damage caused by products not protect the burden of responsibility.) Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade


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