Summer essential pet summer heat cool towel M (classic personality black and white big flower)

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✔ summer pet heat, prevent heatstroke necessary Patented double waterproof design ∴ Special waterproof fabrics prevent m



Summer essential pet summer heat cool towel M (classic personality black and white big flower)

商品説明 To come to the long-awaited summer heat towel finally listed! The cool towel is a patented two-layer structure design. The inner layer uses a high-density light waterproof fabric to seal the cryoprotectant for extended periods of time. The most important thing is that the waterproof layer prevents the coolant from escaping the ice, so that the cold towel will not be wet and not wet! Humidity not only makes the dog uncomfortable but also has a bad odor. It is not good for the dog's skin. The outer layer is made of fabrics imported from South Korea. The thickness is moderate and it is not easy to deform and wrinkle after washing. The thin cotton material is not only thin after washing, but the weight of the supporting cooling agent is not enough. Therefore, we choose a moderate thickness that does not affect the communication of cool feelings and provides comfortable and cool temperatures for dogs. 360-degree full-wrapped bib design provides enough coolness for hairy kids! The elastic cord adjustable design can be adjusted according to pet neck circumference. A lot of masters asked, I think that too much cold refrigerant will not be too heavy? Actually, we got it by hand. It felt like we must have a weight. But the dog's neck is supported by the body. The weight is not the same. So little masters don't have to worry! If it still feels too heavy, There are a total of five pockets, you can choose to put only three or two! The cold towel has a compartment design so it's not afraid of cold coolant running around :) ⭐️ Le Ruisen has a concept to tell everyone that cold products are not as good as ice! Too cold, do you think the dog will be comfortable? People will suffer from frostbite. It's like taking a piece of ice on your body. (Same reason) ✔️Using Japanese high quality refrigerant 50g Medium-size cold towel can be placed 5, a total of 250g/each pack 10 cold coolant Large size cold towel can be placed 6 total 300g/group with 12 cold coolant (Refrigerant can be reused) ✔️ size M size 52cm L large size 62cm Castor beans measured 【Meat Ball Brothers】Fighting 4Y, weight 14KG, wearing M suits and fitting, wearing L loose. Meatballs are getting older and their physical strength is not as good as before. Once we took him to the Riverside Park for a walk in the evening and I was very sorry to see him breathe (like panting, and the sound was terrible) We hurriedly took her back to the car and opened her air to him. I had been feeding water. At the time, the tongue of the meatballs was purple, and even the strength of the head was not raised (the entire head was hanging). Really scared silly! After a good insurance, the meatball slowly recovered. From summer to summer, refreshing products are important to us~~~~ This scared experience can really do not have to do, for the hairy children, summer really pay attention to their cooling situation:) Our products will begin to be sold through our own tests. No problem. Meatball brothers will immediately fall down and fall asleep (not exaggerating!) Cool ice and good Su Hu sleep well, summer is not afraid of hot! Special Structure New Patent Application ▼ Inner waterproof design Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Taiwan


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