Brighting WHITE - back light color - color glossy hand painted crystal particles baked earrings ear clip

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Brighting WHITE - back light color - color glossy hand painted crystal particles baked earrings ear clip



☆**Brighting the WHITE - back light color -**☆
- The use of imported materials, handmade, exclusive design, hand painted & hand-baked, sparkling, shiny flashing light wild, dotting a single product, the Japanese exquisite romantic style -
- Back light color - a series of works
You know just what color it?
All the time, different angles can see different colors of light
We know that the bright lights of the world,
It is difficult to see the color of the light,
If you can see,
What color do you like light?

- There were pierced earrings (ear hook) & without pierced ears (ear clip) are applicable -
- Prices are one pair of earrings -

Size: section shown in FIG.
The size of the reference to the following (- semicircular section - & - water droplets class - & - Round section - & - oval section -) wear diagram, and FIG wearing size models for reference only
Material: copper plated color accessories, beaded materials imported from Japan, with pearls, pearl paragraph are Japan Gui 14mm pearl cotton, light and delicate

※ - customized products Notes - All products are only one spot (shown paragraph), after the stock sold, have to re-create! (Usually 2-3 days)
Due to differences in hand, the pattern can not be exactly the same positioning, ensure the overall design and materials used in the same color, the larger pattern patterns random, can not be specified.
Buy deputies, do not accept such returns, each one is making me seriously, can not sloppy.
And I hope you can understand, is also a random unique beauty to treasure.

※ - measurements - for reference only, and Sign wearing Pictured reference vary due to measurement mode, the presence of a small amount of error, to prevail in kind.

※ - additional services - way to wear earrings jewelry can be replaced free of charge, to support in-store default paragraph (copper plated color) <ear clip> & <ear hook> swap that <None Earrings> & <have pierced ears> all wearable, you need to find me directly or leave a message, and the need to replace sterling silver ear hook earrings class will need directly to me ~
* The default store ear clip models equipped with the pain of imitation pads, wearing unloading solid convenient for long-term wear *

Below with reference to FIG wear
- Semicircular section -!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg

- Round section -!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg

- Drops paragraph -!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg

- Ellipse section -!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg

- Profiled funds -!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.gif

**!!! LOKE the AT THIS !!!**
(SALE TIME !!!)!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.png!!140844054.gif
**Shipped to Taiwan**
Default black cat courier
Aging - the 25th - 4 -

- Part of the jewelry can be made SF Express, if circumstances permit, giving priority to SF -
Aging - on the 15th. - On the 25th -

**Shipped to Hong Kong**
Usually jewelry default SF Express / Special non-material products SF Express delivery

Ship to - China Guangdong -

**Shopping Notes**!!140844054.png
Origin / manufacturing methods
Guangzhou, China


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