Charlene💕 traction bracelet 💕 - jewelry size S, M, L, this page L + deep black thick line

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Charlene💕 traction bracelet 💕 - jewelry size S, M, L, this page L + deep black thick line


/ 💜💜**Product Story**💜💜 / Ying silk hand-woven Is a hand rope Is also a jewelry It is a period of traction Red reminds me to give myself courage Orange to remember I often go home to accompany my parents to eat Green is a memory of how hard I worked that summer Yellow is saying yes! Every day I have the energy to face everything Choose a color style to represent my story Each one is worn in the hands of a period of traction Let me remember those who those things should not forget the past, present and future ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Option**💜💜 / _1. Confirm__silver jewelry__size & style (trade name) _ _2. Confirm the rough or thin line (name on the goods) _ _3. Please change the color of the message indicate, do not change without leaving a message _ _ Color can be changed, but__jewelry style, size & thickness thread__can not be replaced, make sure the product name is what you want. _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Product Description**💜💜 / _ Colorful silk thread + exquisite sterling silver jewelry _ _ Commodity Story The definition of color is only an example, you can define your own story ~ _ _ Silver jewelry with thick or thin lines for the fixed design, can not be replaced. _ _ Two closing bead spacing of about 1cm or 1 ~ 5cm (according to the size of the ring properly adjusted), does not affect the appearance of the premise, you can re-about 1.5cm_ _ To the product page style (first photo) shipping, can only choose the size of the color & hand circumference, can not replace the style or replaced with bronze Oh !! _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**foot rope**💜💜 / _ More than 20.5cm for the foot size (limited to 35cm), hand rope orders need to purchase the following pages (a foot rope = two products): "Charlene Filament Hand - Traction Series - Plus purchase of foot rope" _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Necklace**💜💜 / _ More than 35cm for the necklace size (limited to 70cm), hand rope orders need to add the following pages (a necklace = two products): "Charlene Ying silk hand-series - plus purchase necklace" ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Wear**💜💜 / "Before wearing enlarged bracelet" ": 1. fixed main rope does not move, grab one end of the "ball + rope knot place" can move around to adjust the distance (if the pull does not move that the other line is the main rope) 2. the other end is the same,__move at the same time be sure to hold the ball + knot__ 3. The direction of two beads is narrowed, on the contrary is enlarged _ Ying silk hand rope itself is more smooth, often unilateral wire moving position of the situation, will not loose off, just pull the adjustment can be _ _ The main parts may not be fixed in the middle position, the larger the copper jewelry aperture, the more will run around or go to both ends Oh _ _ In order to maintain the minimalist design, the initial wear is not easy to operate, as convenient fasteners, you can help friends and relatives to wear _ _ If you need to change into sterling silver closure $ 120, need to purchase the following accessories orders _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**size, size, size**💜💜 / _ Sterling silver accessories vary in size _ _ Please note that the wire size !!! Fine wire diameter of about 0.8 ~ 1mm, thick wire diameter of about 1.5 ~ 2mm_ _ Each bracelet accessories need to be independently trimmed, the price due to different processing time slightly adjusted. _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Maintenance mode**💜💜 / _ Silver jewelry often wear less oxidation, maintenance can be used to clean the silver cloth, toothpaste also have some effects, maintenance please avoid the thread _ _ Ying silk line is not easy to fade, touch the water, avoid touching the detergent or sharp objects can extend the life of the jewelry _ _ Designer wear red lucky & cream about a year and a half, 24 hours (including bathing sea water swimming) are not removed, the color and the new little difference, but according to personal habits and different perceptions, _ Please wear a dry cloth when not wearing, attached to the zipper bag attached to the air isolated _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Production & Delivery Time**💜💜 / _ Shipping time is as follows: _ _ Orders only produced, due to production costs, if urgent, please confirm with the designer Sending method & time _ _Will not be replied to the order received, but will be delivered on time or earlier (post office & holiday holidays outside Taiwan), the next day to order the correct content and payment date shall prevail _ _ Sometimes fast shipping, if there are notes please be sure to leave a message when you tell. _ _ After delivery: Super business about 2 to 3 days arrival of the arrival postal post about 1 to 2 days arrival _ _ Please note that the receiving time, check documents only retain three months _ _ 3 ~ 4 days after the delivery did not receive the goods, please confirm: if someone collected / / post office registration form / Contact the store to see if the super goods have arrived, as a result of no one was rejected and re-sent items Pieces, need to pay a freight Oh ^^ || Thank you ~ _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Size measurement method**💜💜 / _ Please __ <rope / cloth ruler>__Surround__<Wearing position>__, Make a mark around a circle and then open the amount of length, please take____or__<We want to wear size> __ (Such as hand circumference 14, but want to wear 15, the size of the election 15). _ _ Has been reserved to enlarge the size, do not increase their own _ _ If the size of the choice is not sure, you can directly message want to make the size. _ _ If the size of the wrong choice, you can change the smaller can not be changed, and need to pay the buyer back and forth shipping, modification fee of $ 100, be sure to choose the correct size !!! _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Special Note Highlights**💜💜 / _Charlene is a small design studio that has work during the day and limited manpower __ spare time__> reply message & production of goods, if urgent please confirm the shipping time and then ordered Oh !!! _ _ Each item individually wrapped, for example, to buy 5 pieces there will be 5 packaging _ _ Storage, the Ying silk line do not fold, tied, clip, pressure, otherwise it will cause wire deformation _ _ Design advantages and disadvantages have tried to inform, if do not accept do not order ^^ ||, there is any problem, before ordering, after receiving the goods can be discussed, the designers are very sincere communication Oh ~ ~ Please Feel free to sub-point evaluation, thanks ~ _ "_ Many people are encouraged and support cheer, really touched !!! ^ ___ ^ Very looking forward to also cherish your evaluation, the work is too busy to reply one by one, please forgive me, please reply to comment please inform, thank you ~ _ " _ The size of the various styles & accessories Size, the wrong order need to please Pinkoi customer service to cancel the order, for the designer to return the difference in the envelope to be deducted 5 percent fee _ _ In case the shipment of goods is wrong, the designer will be responsible for the replacement and return postage, please inform us _ Tailor-made handmade products, unless the wrong delivery, will not provide return _ Repo customers please note !!! Please refer to the latest product description & size selection, select the wrong size to bear the freight & modification fee Oh. _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Product Details**💜💜 / _ _ A pair of silk hand rope _ _ Product story card _ _ A business card _ _ Maintenance instructions card _ _ Jewelry folder bag _ _ Paper bag _ *** There are also gifts of small paper (business card size), cloud paper or pastel paper and the like art paper (not specified), please leave a message. ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Origin & production methods**💜💜 / _ Taiwan / handmade _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Ying silk color**💜💜 / _ Enlargement _ _ Ying silk thread thick / thin contrast (model hand around 13.5) _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Silver models silk hand rope**💜💜 / _ Wear model (model hand around 13.5) _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**No main decoration**💜💜 / _ Because there is no trimmings, two lines will open as an example or more open Oh _ _ Wear model (model hand around 13.5) _ _ 无 主饰 细 线 _ _ 无 主饰 粗线 _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Yinguang color models**💜💜 / _ Another two-color silk series Museum, to provide different styles & prices, goods are on the shelf _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Cotton picking**💜💜 / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Out of stock list**💜💜 / Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade


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