Tsuno Organic Cotton Sliver-Daily Use

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The sliver is made of pure natural organic cotton. The material used is 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. It does not contain chlorine and dioxin bleaching agent, so that your menstrual period will be safe, comfortable and refreshing. 16 pieces per box | About 11 grams of water absorption | Suitable for daytime use



Tsuno Organic Cotton Sliver-Daily Use


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51070534227_f90c666500_b.jpg **【About Tsuno】** **"We are from Australia."** Tsuno is a feminine sanitary product brand founded by an Australian girl. It mainly sells feminine sanitary napkins made of natural bamboo and corn fibers and cotton slivers made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Since traditional sanitary napkins use a lot of plastic that cannot be decomposed, and most of the cotton in it is bleached and dyed, and chemical pesticides used in planting may also remain on the sanitary napkins, various reasons have led the founder of Tsuno, Roz, to decide It is necessary to produce a feminine hygiene product that is not harmful to women and can protect the environment at the same time. **"We cannot guarantee that we can make your menstrual period more comfortable, but what we can do is make other girls live better."** What makes Tsuno different is that it has a sense of mission. In addition to producing feminine hygiene products, Tsuno is also a social enterprise. Tsuno cooperates with the charity One Girl to donate 50% of the income to promote women's education. One Girl is Tsuno's charity partner and is committed to providing education scholarships and health care to girls in the impoverished areas of Sierra Leone and Uganda in Africa. Nearly half of girls living in Sierra Leone and Uganda are forced to marry and have children before they become adults because of poverty. They have to drop out of school after pregnancy. But education has changed everything. Girls who have received education can have a higher income, avoid them from using marriage as a way to make money, and can own their careers, families, and lead a healthier life. That is, as long as you buy Tsuno's sanitary napkins, you can not only enjoy sanitary napkins made of natural materials, but also contribute to the education of girls in poor areas. It is far more meaningful than just buying a box of sanitary napkins. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1872/42298389240_3bf52be63b_b.jpg https://youtu.be/xHqog8I04uM **[Tsuno's cotton sliver]** **| Natural Material|** Tsuno's tampons are made of pure natural organic cotton. Organic cotton does not add any additional chemical pesticides during the planting process, and is only cultivated by natural organic fertilizers. Therefore, organic cotton is a material that conforms to sustainable development and will not cause a burden on our planet. Organic cotton is soft and skin-friendly, and has strong suction power, making it the most suitable material for feminine hygiene products. **| Environmental Packaging |** The cartons used by Tsuno are made of recyclable cardboard. In addition, Tsuno regularly collaborates with different artists to create new packaging designs that are both beautiful and practical. It's just a box of ordinary feminine hygiene products, but you can feel Tsuno's enthusiasm for environmental protection and responsibility to society inside and out. This is what makes Tsuno unique. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51070502362_46448354df_b.jpg **【Items to send goods to】** *The goods will be sent from Hong Kong by Hong Kong Post Office or SF Express, and will be delivered in Taiwan within 5 working days *If you need to register at the Hongkong Post Office, there will be an additional charge, please pay attention! *Regarding the shipping costs and timeliness in other regions, please privately inquire about the delivery timeliness, please pay attention! Monday to Friday orders will be sent out on the next working day Orders from Saturday to Sunday and public holidays will be sent out on Monday or after the holiday Send to Taiwan: Five working days Send to Hong Kong: three working days The product photos displayed on the screen display may have color difference, please use the actual product as the main color *As Tsuno’s packaging design will be updated regularly, packaging styles will be shipped randomly Origin/manufacturing method Australian design made in China


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