New dynamic gymnastics stretching toy

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Dynamic gymnastics stretching toys that can be played all over the body can promote brain and body development at the sa



New dynamic gymnastics stretching toy

商品説明 【TOMORROW Series】 [Japan People] new dynamic gymnastics stretching toy (transformed picture book) <Product Features> Dynamic gymnastics stretching toys that can be played all over the body can promote brain and body development at the same time~ Can not tear, bite, peace of mind, good cleaning, will give out the baby's favorite plastic bag sound when grabbing ~ On the opposite side, the line is folded and folded into a picture book. Turn over and see who it is? Come and play hide and seek! The whole piece is designed in bright tones, and the baby looks good and adds to the kick pocket. Through the stretching of the hands and feet, the whole body is fully active!! It can be washed and kept clean at all times. According to different stages of growth, the posture changes the game for a long time~ 1. Face up gymnastics (4 months~) Put your feet in your kick pockets and stretch your hands and feet to make your body full of activity~ 2. Kneeling gymnastics (4 months~) Kneeling on the top, it will make a sound when you move, your baby is full of curiosity! The process of playing helps crawling exercises~ 3. Turn over the gymnastics (5 months ~) Turn left and right to turn the sound of "shasha" ~ baby is amazing ~ 4. Sitting gymnastics (4 months~) Turn into a picture book, flip it over and see who it is? Come and play hide-and-seek!~ <product size> Approx. 32 x length 45 cm <Japan agent imported original goods> Brand-People Product Name - New Dynamic Gymnastics Stretching Toy (Transformed Picture Book) Material - Polyester Applicable time - 4 months~ made in China Product size - approx. 32 x length 45cm <Notes> 1. Please use it properly under adult supervision. 2. Warning: This toy is not suitable for children under 4 months. 3. For safety reasons, if it is found to be cracked or deformed, please stop using it. 4. For safety reasons, do not play in dangerous places such as stairs, fire or outside. 5. Please avoid direct sunlight. 6. When the product covers the face and sleep, there may be dangers such as suffocation. Please do not provide it to a low-age baby who cannot turn over or use his hand to push the item. 7. Disassemble and discard the plastic bag immediately. Do not put it on your head or face to avoid the risk of suffocation. 8. Please avoid the intense play styles such as throwing, falling, throwing. 9. When the body is dirty, please wash it with neutral detergent. Do not use boil, hot water, microwave oven, medicine, UV disinfection pot, etc. to avoid deformation and damage of the toy. 10. Wash hands and dispose of them separately from other items. 11. To avoid fading, do not use lotions such as bleach. 12. Use non-heat-resistant materials inside the body. Never use an iron or dryer. 13. Do not put it in the mouth for a long time. 14. After cleaning, please adjust the toy slightly and let it dry, then use it after it is completely dry. 15. This product has passed the toy safety inspection, please use it with peace of mind.


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