[Portable series] pure hand-stitched black brushed purse. Italian vegetable tanned leather

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The appearance is biased towards slenderness and squareness. The overall size is only 8X5 cm, which is suitable for holding the hand in the hand and feeling the touch of the leather and the changes after use. Although it is small, it is like a box after op


[Portable series] pure hand-stitched black brushed purse. Italian vegetable tanned leather


**— The layered brush-like wax surface is filled with lively details and is an organic texture created by hand waxing. -** Instead of dyeing the dye on the primary leather, the fog wax is stacked on the dyed leather in different ways and strokes. After the leather is absorbed, the wax is partially brushed off with a brush and the gloss is felt. Each part of the piece will show different levels depending on the stacking and the degree of brushing. The use of brushed leather parts will gradually reveal the color of the leather itself. However, due to the layer stacking process, the leather pores absorb the white mist wax, so the wax texture will remain, and at the same time, it will also have mildew, anti-fouling, etc. The advantages are also natural luster and color change. -- **Product specifications** Material: Italian vegetable tanned leather. Size: about 8X5 cm. -- **"The Portable Series"** Because of the work, Zhang Kaihukou pressed the leather, grasped the knife to cut the leather, waved the scorpion to hit the cookware, pinched the needle, and twisted the wrist to pull the needle. You are used to the hands and the movements, hands When I was idle, I felt embarrassed. When I was blocked by the red light at the intersection and waiting for the mass transit, I had to talk to people when I had to talk with people. Often troubled by this problem (wry smile). So still get used to holding something in your hand, what to take? It’s not too awkward and practical to keep in your hands. It can be played in your hands, and it’s convenient to put it in your pocket when you have no time. - The most important, textured and beautiful. -- **Precautions** 1. The products in this studio are hand-stitched. Please confirm the production time before placing the order. 2. This product uses vegetable tanned cowhide. Each texture of each piece of cowhide is different, so you can't make the same product as the photo. Thank you for your understanding. 3, the studio is a custom-made products, detailed communication before purchase, can save the effort, money and time spent returning, if you have any questions, please ask us as soon as possible. -- Origin / manufacturing methods **Made in Taiwan handmade**


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