Always together/Customized Rhino Shield SolidSuit iPhone anti-drop mobile phone case custom white

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|Line art of simple style, suitable for buyers who want to be different and like minimalist style |Personal customized merchandise, no return or exchange is accepted, please accept it before placing an order


Always together/Customized Rhino Shield SolidSuit iPhone anti-drop mobile phone case custom white


The beauty of the lines is an impression of a trace of memory and an elegant profile. Simple line style paintings, in a few strokes, capture the charm of the person being painted, and wander in the world of realism and abstraction. It exists for people who have elegant taste, like minimalist style, and have a high appreciation for life. Fashion guru Coco Chanel said: "If you want to be irreplaceable, you must be different! 』 A unique gift instantly enhances personal taste in life. - **Rhino Shield SolidSuit phone case features** The thinnest and lightest anti-drop mobile phone case on the market, the thickness of the mobile phone case is less than 0.3 cm, and the weight is equivalent to 6 sheets of A4 paper, and it is as light as 30g. The one-piece mobile phone case is made of ShockSpread™, an innovative material unique to Rhino Shield. It is extremely tough and not easily deformed even after squeezing. It fits closely to the device, and can absorb shocks and disperse impacts to resist high-strength drop forces. The embedded honeycomb structure adds an additional 10% impact absorption. The research and development process of the mobile phone case not only protects the phone, but also takes your health and safety into consideration. It does not contain bisphenol A/BPS/BPF and other commonly used plastic chemicals, and has been tested to meet the US FDA food-grade container standards. - **About color difference** The color gamut of the screen (monitor) used by each person is different, and the screen colors are presented in RGB colors (red, yellow, blue), and the printing is printed in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), and the actual printout is The color of will be slightly different from the color seen on the screen, please accept before placing an order. - **Order process** 1. Please click the "Contact Designer" button in the upper right corner, and fill in the text, date, and year of the content you want to write in the form, and upload clear and good-quality photos for production, too blurry photos cannot Use, if you don’t know which one is suitable, you can send two or three of them first and we can discuss them together. (The content of multiple photos can be combined, but the angle cannot be required) 2. Place an order and complete the payment to start production. 3. Send the drawings to you for confirmation in Pinkoi message 4. The phone case will be printed once the drawing is confirmed - **production time** The order is about 10-14 working days after the payment is completed (working days are Monday to Friday, excluding six days and national holidays) - **Additional purchase items** If you have any gift-giving requirements, please purchase additional items here**"Gift Packaging"**Item: - **Take a look at the following precautions before ordering** ● We retain the copyright of custom paintings. If you want to maintain privacy requirements, please let us know ● The above price is for personal use only, does not contain reproduction copyright, and is not allowed for commercial purposes such as resale, reproduction, and profit ● The line drawing follows the simple and fashionable freehand style, non-realistic drawing method, if you want to draw very similar, please do not place an order for this project ● In accordance with the "Criteria for the Application of Reasonable Exceptions to the Termination of Communication Transactions" announced by the Executive Yuan, designers have the right not to accept returns and exchanges for customized products. Please accept and place orders again. Thank you. ● Once the order is confirmed, it is deemed to have confirmed this specification - **How to clean the phone case** ●If it gets dirty, clean it with water in time, or wipe it with a general wet tissue ●Avoid wiping with organic solvents such as alcohol and bleach ●Try to avoid fading dyes, such as jeans pockets, etc.