Mini hand-simulated coffee checkerboard tartan biscuit earrings - stainless steel ear clips

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The high-performance checkerboard plaid biscuit series earrings come in a variety of flavors and use stainless steel ear pins, which is a popular item for design!


Mini hand-simulated coffee checkerboard tartan biscuit earrings - stainless steel ear clips


**11/14 (three) - 12/25 (two) orders, limited Christmas packaging during the period**

The brand was born in the fall of 2016. Combining the dessert/dessert elements, the temperature of the hands is used to create a mouth-watering "dessert" series of groceries.
From material selection, product design, production, packaging and delivery, we are all personally executed. Customers who wish to receive IveeRiv products can feel our intentions.

❖❖IveeRiv-Mini hand-simulated coffee checkerboard tartan biscuit earrings - stainless steel ear ❖❖

IveeRiv believes that the checkerboard plaid biscuits are pleasing
In addition to the enjoyment of the taste buds, there are also squares of different colors that are used for geometric arrangement, and then baked and bright, ready to be enjoyed.

Coffee-flavored checkerboard plaid biscuits, dedicated to the same coffee maker as the designer

-> All hand-kneaded and colored, after drying and water-repellent treatment after several days of production.

❖Commodity size
Checkerboard plaid biscuit: 9mm±1mm

❖ material
Hand-adjusted clay

❖Can choose ear or ear clip (style -> reference last product photo)
◆ The ear pin is made of stainless steel (caliber 0.7mm) and the ear bundle is made of stainless steel.
◆ The material of the ear clip is silicone.

->->If you are allergic to the above materials, you can add it to 925 pure silver ear

❖How to use
◆Auricular Needle (with ear bundle) - After putting the ear needle into the ear hole, then put the ear bundle from the back, the earring will not fall off easily.
◆ Ear clips - Insert the ear clips into the earlobe position to ensure that it is not easy to loosen.

◆ Keep dry, do not bring in a place with a lot of water (ex. bathroom, swimming pool, hot spring..)
◆Do not stress, do not allow high temperature direct goods
◆Oxidation to metal characteristics. When not in use, wipe it off with a soft cloth or a wet tissue and dry it as soon as possible. Store it in a sealed bag or a small dry box to reduce oxidation time.
◆Clay products are treated with water repellent. If you accidentally touch the water, please wipe it with a dry cloth to extend the service life.
◆Cleaning method: Wipe off with a soft brush that is dirty or dusty. Do not wash.

❖ packaging
Environmentally friendly packaging, including: transparent packaging bag + IveeRiv design back card + product preservation zipper bag + description card
**11/14 (three) - 12/25 (two) orders, limited Christmas packaging during the period**

❖❖The following items can be accepted and then placed 喔❖❖
◆Handmade products retain hand-made texture, each product will have a little bit of size/color/type difference, it is inevitable that there is a small flaw, but we have avoided it in production.
◆Products may be slightly faint due to factors such as photo light or computer screen, but we have avoided it in shooting.
◆ Although IveeRiv has a special selection of materials for contact products, if you can only wear precious metal series (ex gold, silver..) jewelry, or if you are not sure whether your skin is allergic to certain metal substances, it is recommended to avoid Order.
◆Survey or the need to arrive before the specific date, please communicate with the designer before "ordering".
◆Based on the trust of IveeRiv brand customers, we will start to make products (excluding Saturdays and Sundays and holidays) after you “order the next day”. If you have any questions, please communicate with us before placing an order. Modifications or cancellations will be remembered.
◆Handmade products are not made in clean rooms, so slight shavings are normal.

❖ For other related matters, please see the Design Pavilion Trading Policy

❖More taste options
◆ Matcha taste

◆ Strawberry taste

◆Chocolate taste

Origin / manufacturing methods
Handmade in Taiwan


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