HutsandBay Indian Cone Tent Plaid

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※Folding structure design. ※ 100% anti-wrinkle cotton oxford cloth. ※The cushions are 100% cotton oxford and very fine yarn fabric on both sides for seasonal use. ※The mattress has a zipper to separate the mat and the mattress cover. ※ Easy to assemble and



HutsandBay Indian Cone Tent Plaid

商品説明 product description In each material, I think of the health and safety of pets. The main structure of the bamboo raft is the light material of New Zealand pine wood, which is designed to be easy to carry and move. Provide a warm homestay for dogs when camping and other outdoor activities. The tent is made of 100% anti-wrinkle cotton oxford cloth, stretch cotton material, thick cotton fabric with thickness, not easy to wrinkle, durable and clean. The tent of the conical tent is breathable, light and flexible. It is 100% cotton oxford and very fine gauze fabric on both sides. It can be used in two seasons. There is a zipper that allows you to adjust the height of the cotton by adjusting the cotton so that the animal's ankles are not uncomfortable and durable on the mattress. The mattress has a zipper that separates the mat and mattress cover for easy washing. An animal companion house that can be fully washed, untie the cord lock (wooden lock) connecting the wood and the tent, you can simply separate the tent cover and wash it as a whole. Easy to assemble and disassemble, can be stored separately without use, a safe, clean bed. Filler Using 70 years of traditional European quality antibacterial company, "SANITIZED" antibacterial mattress cover, through the thorough verification and testing of the human body and skin safety test; The "HUVIS" padded cotton provides a safe and clean bed, world-class environmental certification, and cushions like a cloud. [size] · Small: average weight 1kg - 7kg small animal companion · Medium: average body weight 7kg ~ 15kg medium animal companion Model - Poodle 3 kg - use small tent The bottom of the tent is a pentagon, wider than you think. When the companion animal is lying down, the length of the body is no larger than the size of the bottom of the tent and can be used comfortably. Please refer to the average size to select the size is easier. [material] Tent: 100% cotton Cushion: cotton 100% polyester 100% Cushioning pad: polyester 100% All products have different patterns, and due to the nature of fabric printing, there may be some shadows. This is a natural part of the fabric's printability, not a defect, and the color may vary slightly depending on the photo. [cleaning instructions] . Unraveling the cord lock that connects the sticks to the tent makes it easy to separate the tent cover. . Please wash it in a cool water (30 degrees) with a neutral detergent. . (When you put the washing machine, you need to install the laundry net to clean it separately, be sure to use a soft wash) . Do not soak in water for a long time, spread it out after cleaning, and dry it in a cool place. . If general cleaning agents (ordinary soap, baby detergent, etc.) are used, there may be discoloration. . Do not use hot water or use bleach when it is heavily soiled. Wash it immediately. . Some shrinkage (less than 5%) may occur during the washing process . Use a steam iron to smooth wrinkles after washing . If there is expansion, please gently press by hand Product Warranty: New Products瑕疵 ※This is a pet hygiene product. ※ This product can not be returned after being unpacked and tested. ※The appreciation period is not a trial period! ※Please refer to the average size selection size to confirm the need


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