| new | Mini Dessert Series-Small pudding gold bag coin purse storage bag with key ring

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The original idea of combining original pudding and gold bag, Turn desserts into landscapes that you can take with you ✿


| new | Mini Dessert Series-Small pudding gold bag coin purse storage bag with key ring


\The cute mini dessert series is here! / https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51104458652_028bde1ce3_c.jpg It is a coin purse and a universal storage bag, which can be hung on the bag to store keys and earphones conveniently. It can be turned into a cute accessory, which is convenient and eye-catching when you go out to buy things. ! ! **[Currently all out of stock/ It takes about 7-10 working days (excluding holidays) after placing the order! 】** ///////////////////////////////// https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50440689533_dfd39bd113_c.jpg One stitch and one thread, we sew the warmth into Wholeheartedly, I just hope to convey my blessings to you Insist on using hand-sewn fabrics imported from Japan with good texture Believe in the strong emotion of handmade I will be with you for a long time 【unique】 "Let's make mouth gold bags more than just mouth gold bags!" The original design is cute without losing the texture, and the real material is not simple at all! ///////////////////////////////// **✿little imperfection hand-sewn gold bag ✿** -Dimension flat amount- Mouth gold size: 8.5cm Height: about 9 cm Bottom width: 10 cm Thickness: 5 cm (The measurement has a slight drop, ±0.5cm is normal) -Material- Table cloth: imported cotton fabric Lining: cotton and linen fabric Mouth gold: bronze hand-sewn mouth gold PART: Bronze hardware key ring Multi-purpose mini pearl milk tea, you can put coins or earphones alone, or hang on the bag as a small charm! It’s a versatile storage bag and a cute accessory~ https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51105483410_421a56f355_c.jpg Keys, change, earphones or small make-up supplies are all ok, you can hang up wherever you want~ ///////////////////////////////// **/ Product Q&A /** **Q. I can't find an option for the stencil service!** **A:**This package does not provide stamp service! **Q. I like the shape of XX brand very much, can I use your cloth to make it? Can I change the size or add more inner partitions?** **A:**All the products in the museum are made and designed by the designer themselves. They belong to the design products of the brand. They cannot be changed in size, imitated other brand shapes, spliced a variety of fabrics, etc. including changes in materials. For the behavior of design, if you need to customize exclusive bags, it is recommended to find an OEM! (Also please do not use this brand product as a sample manufacturing, if there is suspicion of counterfeiting, legal means will be taken) **Q. I am a manufacturer, can I order a lot from you?** **A:**large number of customized services, please contact customer service in the site to inquire, we will reply as soon as possible, thank you. ///////////////////////////////// **/ After-sales service/** . All products have a one-year warranty service, and any damage caused by improper use within one year can be repaired free of charge. . If there is any damage, you can use the letter in the station to contact, and attach a photo of the damaged part for the designer to evaluate! **// Precautions//** . The products are all handmade, and there may be slight differences in the production process. If you have any questions, please ask the customer service. . If there is a custom stamp service, no return is accepted except for major defects. . The leather is cut from a whole piece of real leather, which will not deliberately avoid the original natural scars on the cow. It is normal that some wrinkles will appear. . The import tariff rates for overseas online shopping are different. If the import tariff is required to be paid by the customs, it will be paid by the consumer himself. . The seven-day appreciation period is not equal to the trial period. If the product has been opened for use, returns will not be accepted. || Overtake payment|| Please be sure to complete the pick-up within seven days when using overfetch payment. If the order is cancelled and returned, it will be included in the blacklist. In order to maintain your purchase credit and designer rights, please be sure to comply! || After-sales service|| If you have any questions, please use the letter on the site to discuss and communicate with the customer service. We will actively deal with it for you. Please do not give a rating below four stars without asking. Please respect the value of the designer and hand-made, thank you. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48605159752_1debd190d5_b.jpg Thank you for your patience to read. If you have any questions, please ask customer service. good day :)


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