Revolution waist color matching pants - nine points

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Revolution-REMODELING Micro-pants | Italy high-tech imported fabrics Long-lasting revolutionary wear-type slimming products enhance metabolism and fit easily An average of 8 hours a day for 8 weeks Change your posture!



Revolution waist color matching pants - nine points

商品説明 **I feel that age-reducing technology wakes up the skin's cyclical elasticity** Modern women live for a long time sedentary / long standing work, due to long-term maintenance of the same movement caused by poor body metabolism and accumulated too much water and waste, so that the thighs edema, and even orange peel phenomenon, improve this problem, in addition to weekly fixed In addition to exercise, you must also use massage and money to buy skin care products to promote blood circulation to achieve results. But how much time and how many cans of skin care products will take to achieve results? How much spirit can continue to support this perseverance after a day of work? Put on the micro-trousers and keep pace with your life. During the busy 8 hours, massage at the same time to soothe and maintain muscle elasticity, rebuild the skin as smooth as new life. Our choice of Neurol microcapsules in Revolutional-Slim fabrics can effectively increase calorie metabolism, using proprietary high-tech polymerization technology, which will contain essential ingredients such as caffeine, vitamin A, vitamin E, aloe vera and shea butter. The micro-encapsulation is polymerized into each fiber, and the microcapsule-rich fiber is spun into a yarn, which is then woven into a high-tech micro-finish fabric. Special results were obtained and approved by the European Bio Basic Europe-institutional clinical safety and effective testing. Get rid of the concept of heavy corsets in the past, and increase calorie consumption in weekday activities. It is light as feathers, fine texture, no trace of breathability, comfort, instant quick-drying, anti-pilling ball, anti-ultraviolet (UPF50+), usually walks to stimulate skin microcirculation, help calories burn and burn fat, smooth skin orange peel phenomenon , wearing a slimming skin care product. Effective results obtained through human clinical safety and effective testing The following data were obtained from experiments conducted by the European-Bio Basic Europe organization and the University of Bovia, Italy: an average of 8 hours per day for 8 weeks. **product testing** Revolutional-Slim fabric passed OEKO-TEX® | OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is harmless Substance test Class1 highest level Use and washing instructions 1. Cold water below 30 degrees C - hand wash, if you want to get the best cleaning effect, you can reverse the clothes and clean independently. 2. Use neutral lotion or special lotion for sports clothes (do not use cold washing, soft essence, concentrated strong laundry detergent powder, etc.), machine dewatering must be placed in the laundry bag, use the normal dehydration procedure. 3. After dehydration, let it air dry, avoid exposure to violent sunlight, and keep away from chemical products such as mothballs and moisture-proofing agents. 4. Printing and thermal transfer products, it is recommended to reverse and separate cleaning. 5. This product has anti-pilling ball and anti-UV function, but due to the structure of quick-drying fabric fiber, it is normal to cause hooking or causing some hairball due to hook yarn. 6. Do not dry or iron. After 100 hours of mechanical washing, the microcapsules are about 15%. It is recommended to wash by hand to increase the durability of the product. Yiyi Dali imported fabric 68% polyamide fiber + 32% elastic fiber; Made in Taiwan. ✦ Picture 1 ink printing waist, please choose**black** If you have a size selection question, please contact us.


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