Jade - Natural Burmese Jade A goods - 14K gold high ice light jade pendant

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Emerald Gift Jade - Natural Burmese Jade A Goods - 14K Gold High Ice Beams Original Jade Pendant With pure 14K chain Bare stone size: 25.8/6.9/6.2 mm Material: natural Burmese jade A goods / au585 pure 14K gold, non-surface gold plating iPhone 7plus often


Jade - Natural Burmese Jade A goods - 14K gold high ice light jade pendant


<<About jade>> The place of origin is Myanmar. The ore that is said to be "naturally free of any person processing, potting and dyeing" is "A goods". It is completely different from the high-quality A-goods! (laugh) The beauty of jade is fascinating. It comes from its hydrating ice penetration, color direction and shape. Each piece is unique. The better the ice penetration and color, the higher the price. A little bit of difference can make The value is a thousand miles. It is not enough to distinguish between true and false jade in the naked eye. The certificate of the credible Jewelry Appraisal Center is usually $1000-$2000, so it is very important to choose the seller carefully ^^ <<About K gold>> What is the difference between 10K, 14K, 18K, and 24K? <different from the content of gold> 24K refers to 99.95% gold content. 18K refers to 75.00% gold content. 14K refers to the gold content of 58.50%. 10K refers to the gold content of 41.70%. Why are there few rings of 24K pure gold on the market? Although 24K gold jewelry has the highest gold content, the highest value, and the most deep color, it is relatively difficult to store, because it is easy to be scratched and very soft and easy to deform in comparison with other contents, generally unless It is a very high unit price of jewelry or it will not use this level of gold. But pure gold jewelry is not worn by no one. Usually, pure gold jewelry will only be used in special festivals. For example, Chinese people are used to wearing gold accessories when they get married, but most people only wear them. Then I will receive the safe at one time. 18K gold Compared with 14K and 10K, 18K is the gold-bearing material. It is generally used in high-priced jewellery. Most of the international boutiques also use this grade. Although 18K gold is the highest price inside, it is relatively easy to lose luster, does not fade, is not allergic, and the hardness of pure gold and sterling silver is soft. The inlaid gemstone is easy to fall, so generally the higher price of gemstone ore usually uses 18K. The gold setting is fixed. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/860/42999762604_bf0b5e7d09_z.jpg <<About the gems and ores we use>> All the ore in the store is ours every two to two months, and I personally flew back to Guangzhou Yushi. (Guangzhou is the world's largest jade and ore processing/sales market) By our quality, we will give you the preferential price directly from the place of origin. Support any gem identification center verification, or send an inspection certificate to the appraisal center (additional cost) Please feel free to buy


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