My Joy Hydrangea Floral Romantic Bracelet Banquet Wedding Birthday Accessories Bracelet Wrist Flower

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High-quality wire from Japan, a collection of multiple elements of wire, plant fiber, yarn, lace, embroidery thread, very soft material, each piece is made by hand, original design, stainless steel bracelet, covered with pure cotton lace, soft, non-thorn Meat, a unique accessory suitable for dinners, anniversaries, and weddings.


My Joy Hydrangea Floral Romantic Bracelet Banquet Wedding Birthday Accessories Bracelet Wrist Flower

商品説明 content: Woven hydrangea 2. Plant fiber hydrangea 3. Plant fiber buds 4. Braided calyx and leaves 5. Yarn hairy flowers 6. Lace flower All decorative accessories are made by hand and original design. High-quality embroidery thread from Japan and France, weaving hydrangea flowers, with a soft flash effect, like stardust under the light, with a shimmering light. Plus hydrangea flowers made of plant fibers, broken flowers, lovely and elegant. There are fringed hairy flowers, indescribably delicate tones, air-filled fluffy and soft textures, interspersed between flowers and leaves. Full of natural cotton lace, hand-made into lace flowers, like an elegant and lively woman. In the mood of "letting down", Aki completed the creation of the "beauty" of color and wire. Each part of the accessories is full of handwork, which is rare and delicate, enough to let you relive the taste. (Not the accessories bought back from stock) The My Joy series is a design that exudes the gentle and elegant temperament of women of the era, enhances the daily wearing taste, and gives people a refreshing and admiring feeling. The bracelet material is stainless steel, which is very strong. The outside is covered with soft grass green twine, which is wound by hand. Then covered with pure cotton lace to add elegance. Covered with multiple soft materials, creating a cushion effect, it is very intimate and comfortable to wear. No need to extend the chain, any wrist size is suitable, you can fine-tune the width. Size About 6cm in diameter Material Pure cotton embroidery thread, woolen thread, Japanese plant fiber, pure cotton lace thread, polyester thread, colored glass beads, handmade iron thread *All wires are from Japan and France * This product has been shaped and anti-fouling processing. (It is not a permanent effect, but it can increase the durability of the work. Since the wire is a soft material, excessively hard setting processing will have a natural beauty. Please understand.) * Aki adjusts different flower and leaf postures according to the feel, which is the unique feature of the handwork. Can't be sure to repeat the exact same shape and placement angle as the photo, please let Aki design for you, thank you for understanding. Related products of My Joy Collection: Hairpin (crocodile clip) 2 way brooch, hair clip (duck Tsui clip) Dangle earrings Pale pink Lemon Yellow Clear Sky Blue bracelet Packing 1. Silent Moment exclusive gift box packaging with maintenance instruction paper. 2. The outermost layer is wrapped with a sealed tube/kraft paper with protective materials to ensure safe mailing. The gift paper style changes with the color of the goods or the source of the goods, please let Aki choose for you. Message Card If this is a gift to express your heart, Aki makes a unique "heart card" for you, You can print the name and greetings, Let a delicate gift become more heart-warming. * Please tell me what you want in the remarks column. * If not specified, the card will not be added. * This is made by hand, not for sale. For packaging, mailing, maintenance and other matters, please come here to understand, thank you. Made in Hong Kong by Silent Moment / Aki


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