Green Sandalwood Luminous Pendant

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Green Sandalwood Luminous Pendant


(There is a color difference from the real thing, the real color is turquoise or lake blue) -Size description Chain size: Telescopic wax rope, longest 80 shortest 40 (cm) Pendant size: 5.2, 1.1 thickness, 2.1 width (cm) (the longest, thick and width standards) -Material description: transparent lake blue resin, green sandalwood, blue-green luminous, ultra-fine glitter -The transparent part is lake blue resin, with ultra-fine glitter patterns floating in the air. You can see the micro-flashes from any angle. -**Luminous** The luminous light used by the pendant is a bright luminous light. It needs to absorb the light source before it will emit light for 15 seconds under the sun, and strong light for 1-10 minutes (the closer to the light, the shorter the absorption time) The luminous color is blue-green and glows in the dark for 2-3 hours. Luminous is not an LED light, and it is impossible to keep it on. If you have any questions, you can directly ask the owner to ask for more information. **Sandal Wear and Maintenance** * Green sandalwood itself has more oil, and it will emit a faint scent (ambient temperature 29-34 degrees). If the scent is too cold, the scent will be very simple. Green sandalwood becomes darker after wearing it for a while (dark green) Try to avoid direct contact with perfumes, cosmetics and other chemicals and water when wearing. Sandalwood contains water. It shrinks when the air humidity is too low, and it swells when it is too high, so don't put it in too dry or humid place. Sandalwood is a high-density hardwood that is unlikely to encounter worms. It is recommended not to place the product in an excessively high temperature or humid place. When cleaning, wipe it with a cloth dampened with a little water. Do not rinse it. Try to stay away from water. Dry it as soon as possible to avoid shortening the life of the pendant. If the pendant is often worn on the body, we do not need to wipe it with olive oil. If you don't want to bring a thin layer of olive oil into the box, put it in an air-dry place. Therefore, the wood grain of each pendant is different and has its own uniqueness. When buying the same sandalwood in the store, the wood grain or color is slightly different, and we cherish the speciality of each luminous sandalwood pendant. We will go to the post office every Wednesday, and we will not change the mailing time unless we have passed or just happened to be on holiday. Usually received within two weeks after sending (if there is no holiday during this period) Origin / manufacturing methods Malaysia


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