Vintage Early Button Handmade Dangle Earrings - Noble

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Beige button body | early plastic gold-plated button color pearl design


Vintage Early Button Handmade Dangle Earrings - Noble


**美好 Belle Époque button** Buttons have been popular since the twelfth century until now Usually used to join two separate parts The button is like a small pocket world Wear these old buttons that are rare and fascinating Just like reconnecting with the good times of the past “Twist it together and re-attach it.” **【 Button body size】** Length 0.5|width 0.5 (small button above) Length 1|width 1 (large button below) **[ Draped size]** Total length ± 2.5 (in cm) - **【 Product Information 】** Pearl button - Will produce some slight color changes depending on the light source that is illuminated Pin type Auricular part | anti-allergy 304 steel needle Ear buckle part | anti-allergic 304 steel Ear plate part | anti-allergic 304 steel Clip type **There are two styles of ear clips.** **Please leave a message when you want to make a subscript.** **Earrings are made with spiral ear clips if no special notes are available.** Ear clip material | pure copper plated Ear clip type|left-screw adjustable ear clip Ear clip size | length 1.5 × width 1.3 The spiral ear clips are durable and free to adjust the tightness. Ear clip material|矽胶 Ear clip type|Figure right - silicone ear clip Ear clip size | length 1 × width 0.5 Silicone ear clips are more invisible but have a certain service life. **【 Product packaging】** The accessories will be individually loaded or attached to the zipper bag. The outer box is protected by a black carton and is decorated with a ribbon. If you purchase more than one item at the same time, In response to environmental protection, they are packaged in the same box. If you want to pack in pieces for gifts or other needs, Please add the purchase package below. Package plus purchase link: **[Usage and maintenance methods]** Do not sun straight for a long time The ear pin can be wiped with alcohol Wipe the button with a dry cloth. It is recommended to take earrings when taking a bath and sleeping. **【 Precautions】** - Antique new button products are unique It was the little tailor who slowly selected one by one. And the button body has been completely organized - All items are antique new buttons and hand-made In the manual part, we will try our best to make the traces of remanufacturing less obvious. (Re-marking refers to: the back of the button is cut and polished) I hope that you will also like the charm of the handmade feeling. But can't be as perfect as factory mass production, please forgive me. -**For the benefit of both parties** **It is not recommended to wear if it is extremely susceptible to allergies.** - Have a question, welcome to the private message **The number of products is limited, out of print** -**Copyright, please do not reprint** ──────────────────── **ABOUT - Anonymous Tailor Shop®** The brand was founded in 1965 and started with a high-end uniform tailor shop. In 2010, branching out the accessory spurs, the inspiration was based on early clothing accessories; It is expected that the production method of the high-order uniform will be concentrated into the ornaments. - from Taiwan - EST. 1965 - Limited production and sales


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