ECOCOLOUR natural dyed plants dyed rush grass hand for onion skin dyed business card clip card folder

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ECOCOLOUR natural dyed plants dyed rush grass hand for onion skin dyed business card clip card folder


ECOCOLOU with a friendly environment of mind, good natural nature, the development of ecological sustainable natural dyeing. The use of Taiwan in the plant for the dye, quenching the color of Taiwan, to hand-natural dyeing and weaving the traditional skills, the development of natural dyeing and clothing and daily necessities. Nature is the most fashionable color home, in the nature of the soil, minerals, plants and other different sources of extraction, repeated heating dyeing or cold dyeing soaking, and finally become the most natural natural staining. The most common foliage, fruit, fruit shells, flowers, seeds, bark, roots, and so can be extracted as a dye. However, the harvest season, the time and place different, according to the climate, freshness, manual differences, and because the natural dye itself contains pigment impurities, will make the color difference between the dyeing cloth, the color of the finished product also depends on the color Cloth, the type of cloth, the color of the dye, mordant, time, temperature, humidity and bleaching and dyeing process of different, will produce hue and hue different saturation. ECOCOLOUR Limited handicrafts - Lin Lin series To Taiwan fiber for the creation of media In the traditional natural dyed hand Combined with a hundred years of traditional industries rush grass weaving Development of clothing and life crafts With natural, environmental protection and modern industrial dyeing Can not express the hand warm and comfortable You can feel the good life in the day Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan design handmade production Commodity type - natural dyed plants dyed forest grass hand for onion skin dyeing business card folder card folder Commodity material - surface Taiwan Lin grass weaving Inner layer of onion skin stained linen Size Description - 11.5 cm high 9.5 cm (including the amount of cloth with cloth) When the photo is taken, the color of the picture will be different from the setting of the computer screen, and the product will prevail. Customized services The custom-made natural dyed fabric is made with the existing fabric and the fiber wire. The working day (excluding the holidays) takes 15 to 45 days. The difficulty degree will affect the working days and need to be set aside for longer. If you need to re-dyeing weave, work days to be 45 to 65 days, difficulty will affect the number of working days, need to stay longer. Natural dyeing are taken from the nature of the dye, follow the natural, small production, each piece of hand for the color, patterns are slightly different, is the producer of the warmth of the hand, if you think there are imperfect traces, Please also tell us a lot of advice and understanding. Tips Use Taiwan rush grass woven hand crops, do not wash with water. Lin grass plant fiber texture in the sun, will be distributed Lin grass natural flavor, while the fiber will appear fragile, easier to break, avoid heavy squeeze and folding. If there is stains, please use a soft towel moisturizing water gently wipe the water, the natural dry in the ventilation can be. If there is moldy phenomenon, please do not wash with water, first placed in the sun 15-20 minutes later, and then gently wipe the soft brush with a mild place, and semi-dry texture with a soft towel completely wiped clean again The sun drying about 2 minutes, you can continue to use. Such as rush grass weaving and plant dyeing fabric combined with the crop, rush grass fiber treatment methods as mentioned above, plant dyed cloth a small area also please wipe with a wet towel or a large area when the local light to wash, so as not to affect the rush grass fiber. Please use the texture of a soft towel after the daily use of dust attached to the grass above the grass, into the storage bag. Please in the long-term collection, and with a semi-dry texture of the towel completely wiped clean, placed in the sun drying about 20-25 minutes, and confirmed that both before and after the sun after the shade away to the heat to disappear, and then Into the storage bag and then into the airtight bag sealed collection, you can give a separate placement of space, is strictly prohibited extrusion caused by deformation or fiber breakage. Thank you very much You can spend some time and patience, the use of the right way to extend the life of clothing, love things, cherish the limited resources, friendly environment common practice of ecological sustainability of faith. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan design handmade production


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