Original NatureWorld / Essential Oil Diffuser Supplement / 500ml

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A more environmentally friendly large-capacity 500ml diffuser supplement, using natural plant essential oils with solvents that are friendly to the environment and the human body, is manually formulated to provide more scope of use and longer life.


Original NatureWorld / Essential Oil Diffuser Supplement / 500ml


Commodities are divided into two prices due to the difference in the cost of essential oils Each fragrance has its own charming character. There are currently 10 fragrances to choose from, They are all 100% handmade by the original ecological studio. Natural non-toxic, peace of mind for ingredients [No.1 Roserose] Aroma: Romantic floral Fragrance: Rose Intensity: "Rose Rose, you are love and love! The roses exude a romantic and charming floral fragrance, just like being in a passionate classical rose garden! The fragrance of roses makes you feel young and energetic, full of confidence and vitality, and even full of personal unique charm! The fragrance of roses exudes passionate love, awakens that deep love, and creates a romantic atmosphere for you. " [No. 2 Jasmine Jasmine] Aroma: Sweet floral Fragrance: Jasmine Intensity: "Jasmine, Jasmine, you exude a strong and charming confidence! With perseverance; strong; courage to be true to love and to pursue happiness " Jasmine has a charming and refined sweet aroma! Rich jasmine fragrance can also boost mood and reduce depression index! Jasmine fragrance brings extra points to life! Jasmine fragrance can inspire you to find inspiration or creativity and create youthful vitality for you! [No.3 Lavender Lavender] Aroma: Fresh floral Fragrance: lavender Intensity: ☆☆☆ "Lavender lavender you are the fairy of love You weave beautiful dreams for those who wait for love, Just pray and pray and you will see miracles. " When tired, the lavender aroma gives you the power to balance your body and mind. Lavender scent can relieve your emotions and stress when you are under stress! The scent of lavender in sadness reduces your melancholy! The fresh lavender aroma can enhance your sleep quality. [No.4 Fall in love] Aroma: Happy Floral Fragrance: Rose Jasmine Lavender Intensity: "When I fall in love with you ..." This love at first sight, unforgettable sweetness, As if fresh lavender meets a passionate rose, it sparks the spark of love! This is a comfortable and gentle floral fragrance with a romantic atmosphere, like the fragrance of love! Loving lovers, infused with the confidence of jasmine tenderness, fascinated each other! The aroma of falling in love can inspire people to seek courage. " [No. 5 Golden Stage] Aroma: Golden round fruity Fragrance: Sweet Orange Jasmine Intensity: "The golden ratio of sweet orange itself has a warm aroma, When it meets the charming jasmine with a slightly sweet floral fragrance, The aroma produced by the combination of the two is round and full, and it also brings a harmonious atmosphere! " Just like you are standing on the golden stage of life, This dazzling aroma, like gold, evokes a wealth of wealth and energy for you, and also brings a happy atmosphere! [No.6 Rainforest 雨林] Aroma: Fresh floral Fragrance: Basil Rose Geranium Lavender Lemon Intensity: ☆☆ "The rainy forest is mixed with the scent of lavender, the rose geranium ... the aromas of different flowers and trees, It is a release and a nourishment! " The fresh grass scent, it seems that the heavy rain forest releases the natural fragrance of Fondo, Not only makes people relax, but also lets them enter the forest of the heart and feel the tranquility after the rain! [No.7 Vanilla Sky vanilla sky] Aroma: Fresh and sweet Fragrance: Elan Sweet Anise Lavender Intensity: ☆☆ "Sky! Sky! The rainy sky is changed from indigo to crimson purple! The sky under the reflection changed from lake green to lemon yellow! The ever-changing sky brings you unlimited imagination. " The vanilla sky has a sweet smell, The fragrance of Elan Elan is charming and unique, giving you confidence and great positive energy! Gentle sweet fennel can soothe mood and calm people! Lavender is the best partner for relaxation. The aroma of vanilla sky will bring you back to the good times of the past. [No.8 Blue Ocean] Aroma: Ocean Fruity Fragrance: Jasmine mint jasmine Intensity: "Walking on the shore of Sunny Beach, The summer sea breeze blows your cheeks, a fresh and natural, A cool and relaxing pleasure is welcoming you " The truth is that the fragrance of mint and jasmine is like walking on the Mediterranean coast. The lemon tree on the side of the road is mixed with a slightly salty sea flavor. This is a relaxing and pleasant ocean vacation fragrance. " [No.9 Star Light] Aroma: Starlight Fragrance Fragrance: Real Lavender Alpine Lavender Magnolia Jasmine Intensity: "someone said The eyes of the first love are like sparkling stars, with a smiley and expressive look! In the brilliant starry sky, you just want to keep the eternal beauty in front of you! " Starlight fragrance mixes two different grades of lavender, real lavender and alpine lavender. The special scent of lavender will let you sleep, and the sweet fragrance of white magnolia and jasmine, This charming bedside fragrance is like seeing the beautiful mood you imagined under the stars. [No.10 Divine Tree Shenmu] Aroma: Naturally comfortable and fresh (top woody note) Fragrance: Tochigi Intensity: ☆☆ "Tochigi is a green symbol! The fragrance and freshness of the cypress wood are so natural and wonderful. It's as if you are in a forest and enjoying the wonderful aroma of nature. " Different from general alder aroma, We use exclusive secret recipes to elevate the aroma of Tochigi, The fragrance of Shenmu is more warm and temperamental. This is a sacred atmosphere unique to Taiwan. As if to see the beautiful Shenmu group, a fresh fragrance that is unforgettable. [Original ecological fragrance product safety] The use of ISOPAR which does not harm the human body and the environment can be used directly or indirectly with cosmetic solvents. There is no need to worry about contacting the skin. The aroma is perfumed with natural pure essential oils, which has the original aromatherapy effect of plants. Even when placed in the bedroom, the smell is not pungent and safe. [Usage method] Open the bottle cap, pour the diffuser oil into the favorite container (you cannot use plastic containers), put in the diffuser stick or diffuser flower, you can create a unique diffuser, or directly add it to the used diffuser bottle. The effect is not good, please replace it with a new branch or flower. [Product Specifications and Packaging] Capacity: 500ml + -10ml Packing size: length 19x diameter 7.5cm This product provides "Shuangbei One Day Express" service: -The service scope is limited to Shuangbei area, and can be delivered on the same day. -This service is for orders received before 14:00 from Monday to Friday, and weekend orders will be postponed until next Monday. -When placing an order, please check "Express" for the shipping method and note the expected arrival time. -Please reserve at least "two hours (designer can flexibly adjust)" ample delivery time.


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