White stitching strap long dress

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[Design Series Concept]: Recreation has the meaning of re-creation, and it is a kind of life behavior that is not easy to pay for any kind of pleasure. A great city must have a representative park, which can show the culture, spirit and taste of the city.



White stitching strap long dress


https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ufma1n_A4HU/VvDLq7WsRfI/AAAAAAAAPAE/g3PuH9mbnjMyWy0pTiHsIhy4jlDnM9XIg/s1600/2016ss.jpg [Design Series Concept]: Recreation has the meaning of re-creation, and it is a kind of life behavior that is not easy to pay for any kind of pleasure. A great city must have a representative park, which can show the culture, spirit and taste of the city. The park known as the “Lung of the City” is a city where people forget the troubles and worry, and walk barefoot on the soft and solid. On the green turf, remove the troubles in your heart and feel the beauty of nature in the concrete jungle. This season's spring and summer clothing design, want to present the emotional connection between urban people and the park, such as the morning flower dance slow dance, the afternoon grass picnic, the evening music feast, the night walk and other life styles, taking the daily life as the main axis Extending to the design of the clothing, the elegant room has a bit of personality, the simple and interesting, the simple and romantic, is a kind of urban clothing style that can travel between the city and the park. [White stitching straps long dress] [colour]: white [cloth composition]: 100% cotton Cotton [Material origin]: Made in Taiwan [Thickness (thin/medium/thickness)]: Thin [elastic (no / micro-elastic / medium / good)]: Japanese lining [suitable for seasons]: spring, summer, autumn [Washing method]: Hand wash or put clothes in a laundry bag and wash them in a washing machine Size Chart [Version (fit / general / loose)]: slightly loose [F] Length 45" Bust 37" Hip circumference 47" Hem 62.5" *A-line version of the dress, a large amount of ferry to create a feminine feminine * Bandage design, tied out of the beautiful * pocket design ************************************************** **************************** Model Model (photographed in size F) Height 176CM Bust Bust 32" Waist Waist 25" Hip Hips 35" https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7F7NvuIWdLE/WMzMm0cmcEI/AAAAAAAAP_k/WK5KCyjuhAAFetOyJRb4_cN5EuRT1x_mACLcB/s1600/7.jpg https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-RB1Kxd6PXXc/WMzMntExIVI/AAAAAAAAP_o/gsvKyJlcywM-2htYr-DY1f-2_HiZxWahwCLcB/s1600/8.jpg https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-L3KjW586PvA/WMzMoTeL0EI/AAAAAAAAP_s/I3AaNYJcKIofOgeiKgJqYTQrt4VMMZwtQCLcB/s1600/9.jpg https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-uknOCzmOCaE/WMzMlh4B1wI/AAAAAAAAP_c/GvsRsOmlzIkICORZ92myXVIA09JBD44-wCLcB/s1600/4.jpg https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-VkVQ0vJ3mlo/WMzMlmooJZI/AAAAAAAAP_g/dWmlTHVZxz8ynwfdAGHqmYdwjOW4ArFcACLcB/s1600/5.jpg https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-YMbr8j8fsU0/WMzMlnDZ9WI/AAAAAAAAP_Y/ZkXmykDPU3csV_0lvUlZDYUcmtwg3qa0QCLcB/s1600/6.jpg ************************************************** **************************** [Apparel customization modification]: As long as the version permits, the clothing can be partially adjusted according to the individual size of the ,, and no fee is charged; The working days are about three working days. If you need to modify the requirements, please feel free to send a message to inform :-) [Return Service]: Within seven days of receiving the goods, you can enjoy the return within seven days. We sincerely hope that you can purchase the clothing that you really love and fit. Please ask us if you have any questions before purchasing. We will reply to you with detailed information to save you valuable time ^_^ https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-M0bvFj_8gVg/VO8Vpwb2KOI/AAAAAAAANfw/kUf1yx6xbJk/s1600/work%2B(2).jpg [Design]: Gary Lin [Clothing sewing origin]: Master Auntie (made in Taiwan) in the lane of the Greater Taipei area [Production Quantity]: A small-scale production method that approaches customization or proofing https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-TaoguCRPIwI/VvDqFPt3J_I/AAAAAAAAPA0/8XcaHtHNEYweIJlydPnmEEP-JtZSRul8Q/s1600/post.jpg [About my brand creation concept] "Taipei is a very close but diverse city. You can feel the rich cultural atmosphere in the Eslite Bookstore full of art and literary genre. Just across the street, it is full of joyful wine, deep in Taipei. People can quickly change their moods to pursue different emotions. The men and women who step out of the wine in the early morning of the weekend, marching toward the bookstore, rather than their strong curiosity, it is better to say that after releasing the pressure, they seek the peace of mind in the night." "My creation is inspired by the unique cultural atmosphere and the wild and sexy environment of Taipei, a strong contrast and asymmetry, but it is so soft and harmonious"; Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / Small production


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