Taikoo green

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Ming exclusive original pattern design / bowl bag custom side back section


Taikoo green


**|Commodity Story|** This is a commemorative custom made in a bowl of bags. I used to be a custom guest to communicate with me. I redesigned independently a bit retro and very delicate This is what I want I took it as a new drum kit. **| Memories of the bowl of bags |** Recalling the aunt in my heart with memories of my childhood At that time, Mom and Dad did business and handed me over to the aunt. In fact, I was really happy when I was with Auntie. Although the family is not rich, life is very solid. Every morning, the aunt will get up early and make a delicious bowl and take it to the street. Auntie’s bowl is really good, it’s very hard, it’s really delicious. When I was young, I liked the aunt’s bowl most, although it was good or bad when I was in business. But many of the guests are old customers. They also say that the day of vitality starts from the bowl of aunts. And my task is to help the aunts put the bowls in their bags every day. Maybe because I was a child when I was a child, I would say that I was very sensible when I was yelling at the guests. The bowl of the bowl at the time of the impression was bowl-shaped. Maybe I still miss the bowl like that. In the heart, I silently draw the bag shape and nostalgic taste of the bowl In this way, the taste of the bowl-shaped bag is silently sewed. I really like this bag. It was a childhood memories. When the drawing is drawn, I decided on its name. The bowl of the bag is right. Its name is called the bowl bag. **| 太鼓包尺寸|** Dimensions are 50 cm long x 23 cm wide x 23 cm high **|Material|** Japanese imported cotton linen **|Washing method|** When the cloth is dirty, it can be wiped with water and gently wiped to remove the product accessories. Metal material can not be wiped. **|Design Method and Communication|** Every piece of work is designed to be hand-stitched and stitched. The works are unique and the odds will be slightly different. Hope you like it If you have any questions, please ask me if I will be happy to answer your questions. The color of the product image file will be slightly different depending on the setting of the computer screen. The actual product color is subject to the standard. I have tried to adjust it. Design / Manufacturing Origin | Taiwan


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