| Portrait Illustrator | A5 Hand-painted Manuscript :: Full Color Body

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1-4 people full body portrait. Talk about this face and tell our story. Let the fluent lines speak.


| Portrait Illustrator | A5 Hand-painted Manuscript :: Full Color Body


Record the shackles of this moment with me. Print the most authentic emotions on paper and secretly draw a little bit of future hope. Suitable for gift giving, with lines and attitudes as unique markers of each other. : Yang Jun / Look for details in everyday boring, Good at portraying characters and integrating animals and plants into works, It can be warm or realistic. I like the blue-green color mixed in any proportion. **FB/IG :: somesortof.fern** :: **| Add painting |** + Object $200 / piece ex. Guitar, basketball, skateboard, bouquet, etc. https://www.pinkoi.com/product/kb77sZYi + Small pattern background $500, can tell 2~3 favorite elements, arranged by designers, ex. stripes, dots, flowers and leaves, shells, feathers, etc. https://www.pinkoi.com/product/P2SJjTd3?category=5 ::: **| Customized process|** 1. After the order is placed, please provide a photo of the person you want to paint, with a clear front and no cut to the hairstyle. Additional 3 to 4 photos are available for clarity. 2. If you have other needs, please let us know, ex. Specify the posture, change the clothing, add the name, date of the anniversary, etc. 3. Pets are also charged per person, ex. One person + one cat, please choose 2 people/pets. 4. After the communication is confirmed, the production starts and it takes about 7 working days. **| Notes |** 1. For the non-realistic style, the characters will make some exaggeration and exaggeration, and there will be a certain gap between the hand-painted and the photo. Please make sure that this is the style you like. (Available to FB & IG Reference) This product is for personal use and is not eligible for sale. 2. The designer reserves the right to modify the price of the program. 3. The creator will sign on the side. 4. The client (the principal) retains the right to portrait, and the creator (Yang Jun) retains the copyright & copyright of the work and has the right to display the portfolio. 5. The copyright of the painting is owned by Yang Jun. The client may not reproduce, print, produce business cards, LOGO and other peripheral products, and conduct any commercial activities. Authorized by the creator, whether for private use or commercial use, if you need to use the work. 6. The client can use/share the painting on the personal webpage and the social networking site, and mark the creator (Yangjun) when sharing. ::: **Each piece of the product is hand-painted,** **If you have any doubts, please contact the designer for discussion, thank you.** | Size is A5 size, about 14.8*21 cm |Creative illustration paper 180gsm |6B pencil + watercolor + color pencil | Leather case packaging, stitch sealing |Photo effects and screen effects may cause color differences, and the products are mainly entities.


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