Laurel Leaf Series - Double Leaf Laurel - 925 Sterling Silver Hand Made Necklace Silver Gift Wrap

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Twist the straight silver square line and roll out the elegant twist. In every ordinary day, wear a laurel wreath, earne


Laurel Leaf Series - Double Leaf Laurel - 925 Sterling Silver Hand Made Necklace Silver Gift Wrap


**【 Laurel Leaf Series. Double leaf laurel wreath. 925 sterling silver hand-made necklace** "Goddess of Laurel"; self-confidence, victory, glory. In Greek mythology, people wore laurel braided garlands crowned on their heads. By twisting the straight square silver line, you can roll out the elegant twist. Remember the self-confidence that was sent when you were doing something good? Focused eyes, moving hands, it doesn't matter if you drop sweat. Self-confidence or victory, already possessed in this process, In every ordinary day, wear a laurel wreath, Serious and delicate, she became her goddess of laurels. 【 ▪ Plus purchase plating service 】 ► 18K Gold / 18K Gold plating ► Rose Gold / Rose Gold plating 【 ▪ Plus card purchase service 】 A total of 3 colors, plus the purchase price of 39 yuan / piece,--original price of 79 yuan / Zhang--, to buy any item in the eye design museum can choose to purchase (If you want to purchase and purchase, please ask a private news designer to open a purchase order. Thank you) [ ▪ Material Materials] 925 sterling silver, Italian imports 925 sterling silver necklace [ ▪ Size Size and Scale 】 Silverware about 0.6x3.5cm 【 ▪ Gift Wrap Package 】 ◆ Exclusive brand silver box ◆ texture bag (with ribbons, bronzing thick card tag) ◆ Sealed small clip chain bag (usually not worn when placed in storage, isolated from air oxidation) ◆Strictly selected silver cloth (made in Taiwan) ◆ Silver care instructions card ◆ Brand Profile Card From 2017.8 months Free upgrade gift box new packaging! The visual design will bring you a better gift atmosphere. Elegant dark fog blue with silver details Take a closer look at the inner lid of the box. Use gilding to infuse your ingenuity, dedicated only to you 【 ▪ Brand Description About Gaze Design 】 Gaze | Stare "I would like to use black eyes and see everything better." Time buried at the metalworking table It's all about brewing the purest silverware Between 锉 and 修 The United States was born A girl who dared not use a lighter since childhood But when he grew up, he saw the pure beauty of silver ornaments in the flames. Knocking down a set hand for persistence 【 ▪ Production Instructions Customer Notice 】 Each silver gaze adheres to 100% handmade If the photo is slightly different from normal, please rely on the actual product If you have any questions, please contact us and communicate with us. Please confirm your order before proceeding. Thank you. 【 ▪ Use and Maintenance Instructions Usage and Maintenance 】 The normal oxidation of sterilized silver is normal, and it can be cleaned and wiped with silver cloth to restore the original luster. When not wearing, please keep it dry and place airtight inside the sealed bag or jewelry box. Do not wear it during hot springs. Do not severely pull and avoid serious impacts so as not to cause damage to silverware. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan. Gaze Metalworking


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