Graceful - Natural Grape Stone + Blue Chalcedony + Moonstone + Pink Chalcedony Silver Handcuffs

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"Delicate" - natural grape stone + blue chalcedony + moonstone + pink chalcedony handmade silver


Graceful - Natural Grape Stone + Blue Chalcedony + Moonstone + Pink Chalcedony Silver Handcuffs

商品説明 **Our original design. Do not copy the same industry** **Natural grape stone + blue chalcedony + moonstone + pink chalcedony handmade silver** **Prehnite + Blue Chalcedony + Moonstone + Pink Chalcedony Silver Bracelet** "delicate and pretty" Color: light green Origin: South Africa Brazil India Chemical formula: SiO2 Hardness: 7 Material: natural grape stone, blue chalcedony, moonstone, pink chalcedony Size: 8mm ball diameter, 925 sterling silver (International Standard Grade 925) (Spar is polished by hand and has a difference of +/- 0.2) * Our full use of natural spar and ore, is guaranteed to be 100% natural real goods; if false, can be doubled. **Grapevine** **Prehnite** Grape stone is a beautiful green grape crystal, like a fruity sugar like energy stone, is a light green to yellow, moist and moist crystal, transparent, translucent; its crystallization is like being collected down Grape-like, so called "grape stone." In the early years, it was named after Colonel Prehn who was brought to Europe in Europe. Grape-stone can make people who think clearly and have the power to improve intuition, especially the indulgence of individual indecision. It is very suitable for the use of grapevine; it also has the function of stabilizing nerves and eliminating pressure. In addition, when you fall into chronic insomnia, put it on the edge of the bed to make you sleep. Grape stone is also considered to improve the pancreas, gallbladder, bladder and other parts of the disease. **Blue chalcedony** **Blue Chalcedony** The blue chalcedony is a pale violet-blue, crystal-clear crystalline gemstone in the chalcedony; it is said that the quality blue chalcedony was first discovered in the ancient Greece's Chalcedony and thus became the name. The soft shades of blue chalcedony are reminiscent of clear lake water, making people feel calm and at ease. This energy stone can relieve negative emotions, overcome deep anxiety, and suppress intense anger; it can keep you calm and judge, bring new thinking, and can break through the dilemma of the problem. In addition, this gem has a strong healing power, relieve nervous tension, easy to relax into the static, can improve the problem of insomnia, but also improve metabolism and promote digestive function. **Moonstone** **Moon Stone** Moonstone can improve the intuitive power, rich emotional surface, but also to promote the role of intrinsic growth; also activate the metabolism, and can play a healing effect. In addition, the moonstone can also eliminate stress and improve the role of obesity and hysteria. **Pink chalcedony** **Pink Chalcedony** Pink Chalcedony can inhibit anger, tension, and over-hyperactive emotions, can eliminate the feeling of insecurity can calm emotions. And it also has the effect of overcoming inferiority and bringing self-confidence. Pink beautiful color, the role of activated cells, and can help improve the femininity, by the gentle fluctuations in energy changes, can wake up the heart of deep love. Therefore, this gem has the ability to enhance love, but also the motivation to summon love, but also to make love more abundant power. Pink energy stone is the corresponding heart chakra, the main palm endocrine system and improve the function of the heart discomfort, and has the power of eternal love and beauty. **Measure handcuff method** - Use a soft ruler to position the bone behind your wrist - No need to tighten or reserve space - Gently paste in your hand to measure - The designer will adjust the length of the bracelet for you - Please use cm more accurate measurement **- Extra charge for handkerchiefs over 16cm** **Product maintenance** - Pay silver brush and moisture proof bag - Brush silver cloth to brighten sterling silver, but silver cloth cannot be washed with water - Silver can not be washed with silver water - When not wearing can be placed in moisture-proof bags, can be used to prevent oxidation - Take a bath and sleep - The spar must be purified to maintain the effect of spar energy - If the bracelet is damaged in the future, it can be sent back for repair **<Product Service>** Mailing method: Send to**Taiwan**There are two ways to mail to the time: - 1. Mail Registered: - - Sent from Hong Kong about 5-8 working days can be received 2 SF Express: - - You can receive it in 2-4 days from Hong Kong Sent to**Malaysia**mailing time: - 1. Mail Registered: - - You can receive approximately 7-10 working days from Hong Kong 2 SF Express: - - Received from Hong Kong for approximately 3-6 days to receive - Extra shipping charges, please contact the designer Other**country**mailing time: - - Please contact the designer to calculate the time OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Since ancient times, spar has an important impact on people's lives, its more rich connotation and meaning remains to be discovered. Emphasis on seeking truth from facts, the modern science, the use of crystal piezoelectric effect generated by the shock or light waves to create many high-end medical equipment. In addition, the spar's energetics has a certain role in the healing of spiritual healing. It uses the energy magnetic field induction of spar to benefit the body's chakra operation to enhance the individual's energy field. For a long time, people believe that spar has the role of regulation and protection of mood, spirit, body condition and surrounding environment. In addition, Spar has something to feel and feel, their body and color can extend subconscious minds want to convey. People can try to use the body to touch the crystal to enter the state of communication with it; and the information conveyed by the consciousness becomes a transmitter of positive frequency, and the electric current is sent from the brain. This electric current is converted into a belief and closely affects the interaction between the body and the heart. . Founded in 2002, crystalplus's physical store has been focusing on natural materials, carefully studying the characteristics of spars, and designing different jewelry through “seeking, discovering, balancing, and coordinating” attitudes, breaking through the commonly used design patterns. And practices, and to different styles of original, into the changes in the sense of modern life, to convey a deeper concept of design. Our gem designer aqua has been engaged in spar-related work for a long time, often exploring different spar interaction characteristics, and using different colors, spar properties changes, and then to each other; the gem Science, science and aesthetics combine to play a layered and rich color sense of design, and ingenious and skilled techniques to create a new mind design jewelry.


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