<Slow and warm natural stone series>C1196 Tourmaline Brass Double Ring Bracelet

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● Material: High quality transparent tourmaline, tourmaline, iron gallstone, black agate, brass This large, high-quality


&lt;Slow and warm natural stone series&gt;C1196 Tourmaline Brass Double Ring Bracelet



The jewelry you wear represents your yearning, your texture,
To make your favorite thing covered with hands becomes an invisible force.
Slow and warm professional with careful design, show chic taste,
Pick your own accessories and use a unique secret code to render confident and beautiful!


【Number item name】
● C1196
● Material: High quality transparent tourmaline, tourmaline, iron gallstone, black agate, brass

Tourmaline (tourmaline): This tourmaline uses a very high grade, very transparent tourmaline.
The color of the tourmaline is much denser than the color of the crystal, and the hardness is also higher than that of the crystal. In addition, the magnetic field of the tourmaline is several times or even hundreds of times that of the crystal of the same color. The main health, wealth, open up the nervous system to promote blood circulation, all-round natural stone, various chakras of different colors, is a very precious natural stone.
Rose-colored tourmaline: brings friendship and affinity, attracts peach blossoms, and increases attraction to the opposite sex.
Red Tourmaline: It can bring love and friendship, increase enthusiasm and enthusiasm, inspire compassion, compassion and affinity to enhance interpersonal relationships.
Green tourmaline: Can make money, increase the energy magnetic field, and have a balance between blood pressure and heart. Strengthen the concentration, make the brain clear, stimulate imagination, broaden mind and vision.
Blue Tourmaline: It can enhance the ability of speaking and clear thinking. But very rare and precious. Cold burns, reduced high fever, reduce Hou pain.
Yellow tourmaline: Can make money and improve memory. Make people calm and clear, work orderly and act rationally.
White tourmaline: Can ward off evil and increase positive energy.
Black tourmaline: Can ward off evil spirits, eliminate negative energy, increase vitality and magnetic field, bring health and longevity. Efforts are made to ward off evil spirits, strengthen the kidneys, absorb disease, treat infertility, and help sleep. Corresponding to the undersea wheel, the black gems are used to ward off evil spirits, effectively and effectively eliminate negative energy, eliminate muddy air, eliminate pressure, improve physical health and luck.

Black Onyx: Black can increase energy purity and stability, symbolize fortitude. It has been used as an amulet and amulet since ancient times to help relieve stress and strengthen courage and courage. Long-term wear can make the skin lubricate and cheerful.

Iron Gall Stone: Used as a talisman in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, it has the power to strengthen the spirit and realize the desire, so whether it is to love a competitor, or if you want to win in the mall, you can wear it. It can also change the existing habits, allow you to break through difficulties, increase productivity, and allow you to act more steadily and practically.


[Pre-purchase notice]

● How often the goods arrive: The goods will be produced after the payment is made, and the goods will be shipped from the 4th to the 7th. Early delivery will be sent early. If an urgent order can be discussed with us, you can make another order.

● Message reply: We will respond to the message later than usual after workday (19:00) and regular store holiday (Tuesday, Wednesday)! If you are in a hurry, you can switch to other instant contacts, but you will also reply later than at work. However, we will try to find time to reply:)

● The authenticity of natural stone: The ore with marked effect is a real natural stone, and a few of the artificial spar with beautiful appearance will not indicate efficacy. Please rest assured that we have professional inspection before purchasing natural stone, but on the market The technology of counterfeit goods is constantly improving. We are also working hard to check if there is a fake problem in the actual natural stone with marked effect. We will be fully responsible and have a physical storefront to provide customers with more peace of mind.

● Whether the real product is the same as the photo: natural ore cannot have the same color and crystallization of each batch of raw materials, especially crystals containing crystals (such as green ghost, strawberry crystal, titanium crystal, black hair crystal, etc.) Differently, even if each screen has a color difference, we will keep it in a reasonable condition. However, if you insist on the same picture, please think twice, or go directly to the store and you will be more satisfied with your expectations!

● The size of the beads: The ore will have a slightly different size when it is ground into a ball (for example, 6mm mark but not a batch of material is just 6mm, there will be some slight gaps), so we do not mark the ore size, but can The bottom "tab" of the reference product page will have a size that is close to the style. Click on the label to see all the similarly sized styles. Also refer to the actual wearable photos.

● Whether the number of bracelets is the same as the photo: Normally, if you order a regular hand, it will be the same, but as mentioned above, there will be a slight difference in the size of the beads when making bracelets (for example, sometimes the bead size is 6mm. (Sometimes 6.5mm...etc.) When the array is arranged, a slight adjustment will be made at the end (each one is more than 0.5mm, and the total length of the bead must be adjusted before it will not be too long) to meet the normal The length of the bracelet.

● Customized scope: The customized scope we provide is “Customization of hand-sizes” and “Customization of crystals for simple replacement”. This is based on the styles that have been fixed on shelves, and the rest goes further. Custom-made (such as re-match, custom-made price changes after replacement) can not accept orders on this platform! Unsure to ask questions :)

[Size measurement]


● Please follow the instructions to measure the actual hand circumference and choose your actual hand circumference when ordering (not the total length of the bracelet)
● If you measure the hand circumference with a decimal point, you can choose a similar size to order, and fill in your hand in the remarks column.
● The thickness of each bead is different, we will make it according to your actual hand circumference assessment plus 1.5~2cm
● If you need to order a special size (less than 11cm or more than 19cm) please contact us

[about crystal]


● Turning crystals into beautiful ornaments without becoming old-fashioned is something we love.
Slow temperature in the design of crystal bracelet has two major orientations:
▸ beautiful orientation: the use of crystal variety of natural features, arbitrary match creation, become a beautiful jewelry.
▸ Functional orientation: A bracelet should not exceed three kinds of natural stone as much as possible. At the same time, it should be designed with beauty in mind, so that the crystal bracelet is not vulgar and old-fashioned, and still retains a certain strong functionality.

→ It is very welcome whether it is for functional wearing or pure looking wear!


● Crystal is endowed with many different functionalities in scientific and traditional research because it is rich in natural minerals, crystals, germanium dioxide, and many other chemical elements. On the way to studying Crystal, Wen Wen likes to read information books from multiple sources, and then draws on the most commonly recognized effects and implications. It does not like to exaggerate to give certain crystals too much functionality.

● We most often use crystal natural light to respond to the body's seven major veins from Yoga in India. We have professional advice on any incurable diseases of crystal.
Of course, you can wear it purely because of its beauty!

● Attached here is a simple chart of the human body's seven atmospheres and corresponding natural stone.


● I don't know how to choose the ore bracelet that suits you. We would like to discuss it with us. Generally, we recommend that you first select the style you like and watch your favorite style. Other assisted selection methods are, for example, depending on the desired functionality, on the chakra test, on the birthstone, According to the analysis of figures, we provide professional consultation, and we can quickly refer to the following recommendations.

● The slowest temperature is the most recommended:
Zhao Zheng Choi: Green Ghost / Recruiting, partial wealth: Titanium Crystals / Recruiting peach popularity: Strawberry Crystal
Dodge Block: Obsidian / Open Wisdom: Amethyst / Sleep: White Moonlight
Improve gynecology: red pomegranate / stability thoughts: lapis lazuli / feelings of joy: Tianhe Stone
All-round: Tourmaline


● Concerned about functional friends, remember to demagnetize and decontaminate the crystals regularly. It is recommended that at least one magnet per month be touched by people who disliked them, their wishes come true, and they enter and leave filthy places (such as funeral parlors, hospitals, and cemeteries) and touch. Degaussing is required for sewage sludge and the like. The degaussing purification method is very much, you can self-inquiries on the Internet, slow temperature is more recommended is the crystal cave purification method, temple purification method.

● The most important thing you want Crystal to do is to fully believe it. Well, the crystal you have won't disappoint you.

[about brass]


● The brass used for slow temperature is an EU-friendly, environmentally-friendly brass with good quality, anti-allergy, and is not easily oxidized and blackened.
● Normally worn according to physical (acid and alkali) different oxidation speed is also different, the normal physical conditions wearing about a year or two before the slight oxidation of the situation, and slightly wipe with silver cloth and restore luster, easy maintenance.
● Touching water (seawater) can also be used. Only care should be taken to avoid chemicals, such as perfumes and alkaline cleaners.

[brand value-added services]


● Each bracelet contains a small tag of the brand. The bracelet of the slow and warm production can be changed once every six months. You can visit the Tainan store for replacement or mailing (you need to pay for the return shipping).
● In the second half of the year, the line change service charges $50 each time (only for natural stone products)

【other instructions】


● Slow-temperature bracelets are all made of imported Japanese elastic cords, which are firm and durable. Normal use can last more than a year or two before they become loose. Unless the external force pulls or sometimes the bracelet collects too much negative energy, it is easy to break the wire. Please rest assured. Wear it.
● Basically, the bracelet can touch water, but some natural stones are not suitable for severe temperature changes, sun exposure or contact with acids and alkalis. Detailed precautions are attached to the product's maintenance card.
● All the products in the home have after-sales service, and the goods can be returned for repair.
● Please be careful about the size of your hand. If you mistakenly make it out of size, you will need to pay for the return shipping.
● The special size (without hand-circumference is within 14~16cm) or specially ordered merchandise cannot be returned or exchanged, but we hope that every customer will receive the most satisfactory merchandise and will provide replacement services as far as possible.
● In addition to defective products, other reasons must be paid for return shipping.

【Packaging Service】


● The ore products are all high-grade crystal bags plus slow-temperature paper bags, “Together Chopper Bags,” carefully packed with full-service after-sales service cards and maintenance instructions.

【Package plus purchase】


● For gifts, you can purchase a slow-temperature gift box with a price increase, including a slow-temperature blue paper bag, a black gold gift box, a satin storage bag, and a slow-warm silver cloth. Please click the following link to purchase:



Wearing a slow warm bracelet, please feel at ease!
Thank you for choosing our bracelet to accompany you or your friends, hoping it will fully represent your self-confidence and beauty, and accompany you through every day of life. We provide a complete after-sales service and let your bracelets work with you. Shine, create more beautiful stories😊
If you have other custom ideas or have any questions about crystals and products, please feel free to contact us!



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