Danish Caramel Brown Leather Leather Antique Camera Bag Side Back Slant Vintage Bag Antique Bag

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Danish Caramel Brown Leather Leather Antique Camera Bag Side Back Slant Vintage Bag Antique Bag


Denmark brought back the camera bag with "made in germany" printed on the zipper, There is a removable partition, which is replaced with a clasp. The design is very delicate ~ There are four compartments on the inside of the lid for the negatives, which is very practical The texture is pretty good, the metal part is very solid, Due to the age, the leather strap is mottled, such as photos, the zipper is broken in two places, but it can still be pulled normally, and it has an antique taste. Therefore, it will be sold at a reduced price, and it will be cost-effective to repair and maintain it or change the strap. ~ The inside dimensions are: 25 cm long, 11 cm wide, 13 cm deep in the lower half, and 3.5 cm deep in the top cover. The strap is about 105, which can be adjusted to be shorter or longer 须 Information for Buyers of Antique Groceries◈ ■ The so-called antique jewelry are old items that are more than 10 years old. If you find that there is a trace of use on the jewelry, it is normal, because the old things will be full of a sense of time! ■ Please do n’t treat old items by the standard of buying brand new products. If you mind using traces or other people, please buy brand new products ■ The boss's photo shooting technology is too good, and it will be too beautiful to take a little serious picture, so if you are worried that the actual product and the photo will be inaccurate, you can send a private message, the boss will not light up and then use a bad mobile phone to shoot you for you to see clearly The true face of the product. ■ The boss is very embarrassed, so I will try to clearly write all the current status of the product in the store. Special traces of damaged goods will also be written out. Please read it carefully before you buy and check the photos of the product. If you have any special concerns, you are welcome to use private messages to ask the boss about the parts that were not mentioned. The boss will patiently answer the status of your products one by one. ■ Antiques are not sold


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