Juniper Ridge Flame Cedar Mountain Essential Oil

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Plant Collection: Desert Have you tried to sleep under the desert starry sky? If you have the opportunity to camp for a night in the desert wilderness, you will wake up in the cold, dry air and find a thin layer of frost on your sleeping bag. However, aft


Juniper Ridge Flame Cedar Mountain Essential Oil


Plant Collection: Desert Have you tried to sleep under the desert starry sky? If you have a chance to camp in the wilderness of the Mojave Desert or the Eastern Sierra of California, you will wake up in the cold, dry air and find a thin layer of frost on your sleeping bag. However, after the rising sun in the Asahi, the temperature of the desert rose rapidly, and the surrounding scenery became hot and strong. When the sun hit the red bark and the dark green leaves of juniper and cedar, the sweet smell of a warm sun also filled the air. . Juniper Ridge walks into the wilderness of the mountains and the wilderness of the sand, hand-picked the local wild plants, and the precious essential oils obtained by steam distillation, retaining the purest botanical essence and the wilderness, so that each bottle of "Shanhai Essential Oil" is different from Any essential oil product in the market. Among them, "Flame Snow Pine Sea Oil" brings together a variety of coniferous oils from the deserts of southwestern California. It combines the warmth of leather with the calmness of the desert. It is like a collection of sun-baked resins, minerals and earth. The warm atmosphere is very relaxing. The whole essential oil is independently completed from picking and distilling in the Oakland workshop in California, USA. It is 100% natural, contains no impurities, and is manufactured with a sustainable concept to protect this piece of pure land. Essential oil is the most representative of Juniper Ridge's original heart and spirit. It is not only the essence of concentrated plants, the power of quintessence of nature, but also the connection between body and mind and the wilderness of the wilderness. Just like through the channels of smell, the mountains, oceans, deserts and forests are moved into the home. Juniper Ridge selects only the favorite plants to make essential oils, and concentrates the vast and deep scorpion of the western United States in small glass bottles. Juniper Ridge's full line of essential oils does not contain any harmful substances. Chemicals or solvents such as Hexane, Benzene, and Carbon dioxide are not added during the distillation. Fragrance imagery: Slightly sweet cedar resin, warm leather, clear herbal flavour How to use: It can be used in all kinds of diffusing devices (if the inorganic device can be replaced by a cup of hot water, it also achieves the effect of expanding the fragrance), or a few drops are mixed with the fragrance-free lotion, skin care products, organic almond oil, jojoba oil, etc. For your own natural fragrance or moisturizer, you can also drop a few drops into the bathtub and enjoy a forest bath-like hot shower. Taking care of both physical and mental well-being, it is gentle conditioning and care from the inside out. Precautions: For external use only. Be sure to dilute before use. Dilute in water in a diffusing device, or drip into the base oil and apply to the skin. Before use, please test it on the skin beforehand to see if there is any irritation. If you feel irritation, please stop using it. Avoid use on the eyes and mucous membranes. Consult a medical professional before using a pregnant woman or patient. Avoid contact with children. Flammable, please stay away from fire.


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