[Pre-order] Yuanyuan Gangyi X Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set·SNOOPY Taiwan Flavor Everyday

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[70th anniversary limited] SNOOPY Meets Local・Pinkoi Original original product series


[Pre-order] Yuanyuan Gangyi X Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set·SNOOPY Taiwan Flavor Everyday


**[Important Notice] SNOOPY Meets Local Taiwei Daily・Stainless Steel Bento Box Set is a pre-order product. It is expected to be shipped in the order of 2021-05-19.** Spot goods and pre-ordered goods are purchased together, and the shipment time of pre-ordered goods will prevail. Please forgive me. **[70th anniversary limited] SNOOPY Meets Local・Pinkoi Original original product series** This product is not applicable to consolidated checkout, and any site-side discounts such as coupons, P Coins, and bonus points cannot be used. Step into the life of Taiwanese, let Peanuts character taste the beautiful daily life hidden in the details. Pinkoi takes the most representative everyday objects as the concept of thinking, and works hand in hand with craftsmen to create. Combining the bitterness of life, and embellishment with SNOOPY's tender sweetness, to create a joint cultural selection that is closest to Taiwanese children! --------- **Pinkoi x SNOOPY Limited Collaboration** **|SNOOPY Meets Local Taiwanese Daily・Stainless Steel Bento Box Set|** Common memories of Taiwanese children as a student-steaming lunch after the second class! In your unchanging life, let SNOOPY and Woodstock accompany you to have a good lunch. This time, we cooperated with the hot-selling desktop bento box brand "Yuanyuan Steel Art", and once caused a rush to buy a dazzling best-selling product on the fundraising platform-Bendong stainless steel bento box-the first joint limited edition! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50492832813_29bdc4a435_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50511192468_f496fdd467_o.gif **|Bendong Stainless Steel Bento Box|** -The matte stainless steel lid and the box body are laser-engraved with SNOOPY and Woodstock classic patterns, which are cute and adult-like, no more, no less just right! -Accessories include dish plate, drawstring, Bendong egg shell (iron egg black) **|Food package|** -Yuanyuan Gangyi’s exclusive designed lunch bag-a food bag, which instantly becomes a placemat when opened! -Comes with SNOOPY co-branded limited charm, the cute figure beckons you to dine on time! -Choose one of two fashionable colors: Catering Pudding Bag-Black Inner/Yellow Outer (new color listed)✨ Serving truffle bag-black inside/black outside **|New desktop bento experience|** ▪ Use fine matte treatment Different from the previous bright stainless steel bento box, the surface is treated with a unique matte method, and the details are especially emphasized, which enhances the texture of the bento. ▪ Built-in dish design, the juice is not leaking Use the grooves on both sides of the box to fix the dish, the position is lower than the edge of the box; it is suitable for holding meals and lunch, under normal use, the juice will not leak at all! ▪ One-piece forming, no curling and zero welding Generally, there are often black bars on the crimping and welding parts of the bento box, and the rice is eaten up by the bacteria...The integrated design removes these small traps that hide dirt, so that the dirt has no place to hide! ▪ Process technology upgrade to reduce environmental burden Invest in top technology to upgrade the stainless steel cleaning process to "100% black oil recovery"! After washing, the remaining black oil can be completely recycled into industrial oil! ▪ Design to production are from Taiwan Twenty processes, challenging the limits of craftsmanship, and the strictest manufacturing and control by Taiwan’s high-quality local manufacturing plants, just to create a bento box that truly belongs to Taiwan’s children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BkNI3yu4CA **|It's a good helper with a catering package, and say goodbye to greasiness|** ▪ Flatten and instantly change into a placemat, pull it up and take it with you With a unique tailoring design, you only need to pull a buckle to instantly transform into a fashionable lunch bag! Flatten it and instantly change it into a placemat! Don't worry about hot marks on the tabletop, and food won't make the tabletop greasy if you drop it. ▪ Waterproof sandwich design, no longer afraid of vegetable juice leakage Using 100% recycled polyester fiber, the inner and outer layers of the cloth are designed to be water repellent, and the waterproof interlayer between the cloths keeps the vegetable juice out and the bag does not leak. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50512069907_aa60c1be04_o.gif **|Anti-scalding heat insulation shell, no need to practice iron sand palm|** Put on the new clothes of the exclusive bento box. The silicone material is effective for non-slip and heat insulation. With hot food or hot meals, you can hold the bento box firmly with one hand, so you don't have to worry about hot hands and hard to handle! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50511908901_44d409c823_o.gif ﹝Precautions﹞ ※ It is normal that there may be traces or slight scratches on the bento box. This is a natural occurrence of stainless steel stamping and is non-defective. ※ The black spot on the side of the groove of the box body is the production mark produced by the fixing of the spreader when the bento box is undergoing special surface treatment. Every bento box will have it. This is a normal phenomenon and not a defect. ※ The edges of the bento box are all polished, and everyone's sensitivity is different. If the edges are not smooth enough, you can use fine sandpaper or vegetable cloth to lightly polish. 🍱 SNOOPY Meets Local Taiwan flavor everyday‧Stainless steel lunch box ❶ All the bento boxes are cleaned by professional equipment after production, and only need to be cleaned with a neutral detergent before the first use. ❷ Please use a soft sponge to clean, do not scrub with a vegetable cloth or steel brush to avoid scratches on the surface ❸ The silicone strap can heat up to 200°C. It does not need to be removed when the electric cooker is heated. Please place it on the steaming rack to avoid direct contact with the heating plate. ❹ Rainbow lines may appear on the surface of stainless steel after use. This is a normal phenomenon of starch and mineral precipitation. Even if it is not removed, it will not affect the use. If you need to remove it, apply white vinegar and let it stand for a few minutes, and then use a sponge to clean it. 👜SNOOPY Meets Local Taiwan Flavor Daily ‧ Catering Pack ❶ The size of the applicable lunch box should be within 178mm in length × 119mm in width × 67mm in height, and the weight limit is less than 3 kg ❷ It is recommended to match a rectangular or oval bento box, the shape of the bag will be the most perfect when pulled up ❸ It is a normal phenomenon that new products are not easy to be formed at the beginning of use, please repeat the pulling several times according to the use steps ❹ Do not put in the washing machine, it is recommended to wash by hand with cold water, and hang in a ventilated place without direct sunlight to dry ❺ After using for a period of time, the waterproof function is weakened and it is normal. If it gets dirty, please wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not clean it frequently, which can extend the service life. ﹝Product specifications﹞ 🍱 SNOOPY Meets Local Taiwan Flavor Daily・Stainless Steel Bento Box Origin: Taiwan Material: 304 stainless steel, food grade silicone Dimensions: length 178 x width 119 x height 67 mm Weight: 374g box / 113g dish / 33g strap Capacity: 1000 ml±5% Contents: box lid, dish plate, box body, drawstring Taiwan Patent Number: D192910 🍱 SNOOPY Meets Local Taiwan Flavor Daily & Catering Pack Color: pudding bag (black inside/yellow outside) / truffle bag (black inside/black outside) Origin: Taiwan Material: [Fabric] 100% recycled polyester fiber, [rope] polyester fiber, [hardware] copper Dimensions: [Flat] Length 460 x Width 360 mm Weight: 73g Temperature resistance: up to 100°C Taiwan Patent Number: M589477 🐣 Insulated eggshell Origin: Taiwan Material: food grade silicone Dimensions: length 175 x width 116 x height 46.5 mm Weight: 130g Temperature resistance: -30°C ~ 200°C Colour: Black


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