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    MUG+ is the world's first Bluetooth speaker that can be arbitrarily "transformed". You don't need to b
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    **The collected cups have a place to use!**
    Although the speaker "box" does not sound, its material, size and thickness are the key to determining the sound quality. A bit of sound experts, in order to pursue better sound effects, special custom solid wood, ceramic speakers: MUG+ is the world's first Bluetooth speaker that can be arbitrarily "transformed". You don't need to be a professional player. The average person can also use the speaker material to create the most enjoyable listening experience according to his listening preferences.


    ▼ MUG+ can be used for containers up to 10 cm in diameter, metal cups, tall glasses... even teapots are fine!




    The concept of MUG+ is to return the "speaker's choice" to the user--removing the speaker, not only increasing the portability; the cost saved makes us directly bet on the hardware.

    **Low frequency shock performance │45mm full range single unit, strong force**

    Although the speaker "box" does not sound, its material, size and thickness are the key to determining the sound quality. The audio experts who pay attention to it will even order solid wood and ceramic speakers to pursue better sound effects.
    MUG+ is the world's first Bluetooth speaker that can be arbitrarily "transformed". You don't need to be a professional player. The average person can also use the speaker material to create the most enjoyable listening experience according to his listening preferences.


    **AGC Smart Power Amplifier│Smart Computing**
    MUG+ uses the "dynamic volume enhancement" computing chip (AGC, TPA2029D1), which automatically adjusts to the same and stable output signal according to the input signal (loudness), so that the same song can be played, low, medium, High-frequency sounds are more balanced in loudness. Only 3W speakers, but can squeeze the power of 10W speakers!



    **Tips │ Explore the beauty of different materials in the container**
    This is actually the acoustic principle of the country: the closer the speaker material is, the thicker it is, the better the absorption effect on the reverse wave.

    Usually a thin plastic material can't overcome the resonance, it sounds dry and lacks smoothness. The use of a dense metal cup is more capable of high-frequency sound, with a distinct personality and a good sound--you can even try to put a few sheets of toilet paper in the cup as sound-absorbing cotton, which can prolong the reflection of sound waves and reduce dullness.

    ▼ We will make the MUG+ test results in the soundless room into a simple sound comparison table.
    Beer mugs, wood bowls, which highlights Adele's thick voice? Feel your own feelings and immediately distinguish them clearly!

    **Tip 2 │ different loudness changes of different container sizes**
    Although it is said that "the speaker is large, the sound is loud, the speaker is small, and the sound is small." However, the MUG+ singles correspond to different material containers, and in fact have one of the sweetest "sound volume". That is to say, with a speaker of a certain size, the sound is loudest. Try changing the mugs of different sizes now and feel the ever-changing voice of Adele.



    **Maker Soul │ breaks the speaker and releases the maximum energy of the speaker unit**
    Bluetooth sound on the market In order to reduce costs, it is impossible to use expensive materials. Whenever the manufacturer wants to make the speaker look small and does not take up space, it will choose to compress the volume of the speaker, thus suppressing the best loudness and strength of the single unit - we have directly removed a lot of commercially available speakers in the research stage. The individual monomers were taken out separately and matched with different containers to measure the sound value.


    The easiest way to improve is to "simplify the problem!"
    We decided to restore the sound to the simplest element and return the power of fair selection to the user. Everyone is free to explore the most powerful volume combination of MUG+. On the other hand, it also saves the cost of the speaker and greatly improves the single specification, which is better than the bluetooth audio at the same price.

    **DIY is so simple │ self-organized desk audio, no need for a screwdriver**


    **Jet sound hole**

    It can effectively reflect the negative wave out of the horn housing and generate 360-degree vibration wave transmission at the bottom of the container to form a speaker effect.



    **Silicone cover**

    - Elastic material that can close the edges of ordinary cups and containers and quickly form a closed speaker.
    -Excellent shock absorption, can effectively absorb the vibration of the speaker unit and the bass, avoiding the abnormal sound of the cup body and the body.
    - Excellent insulation to prevent electromagnetic interference. Environmentally friendly non-toxic materials.




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    Place of origin Taiwan
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MUG+ Cup Cover Bluetooth Speaker/Black

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