Story Series ---Summer / iso talk--- night wind

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*This group has a cup left* ▲Work story and creative concept ▲ Author: eleven Tao Zuoren Story series, quarterly product


Story Series ---Summer / iso talk--- night wind


*The price is the price of the set, each set contains an illustration story + a pottery of the original, not for sale This season is: my cup small cup or a group + a bean (1 small linen bag can be taken with a cup of my cup+ usual storage carton packaging) ▲Tao Zuo this product description ▲ /Process / Ceramic process / firing method / Electric kiln glaze * This season's work studies the effect of different glazes hanging on the glaze, painting with glaze on the small round cup, in an attempt to make a sky color that can be said to be magical moments in the evening. /Material / ceramics /specification/ About Ø 6.5cm x 3.8cm /Usage and maintenance methods / *Before you use it, please clean it before using it. * Wash with neutral detergent and sponge, or put dishwasher, but avoid steel melon cloth *Do not direct fire oven * After cleaning, dry in a ventilated place and store The works are fired at a high temperature of 1220/1230, non-toxic and acid and alkali resistant, and can be safely used in food containers. Remarks: *Each piece is hand glazed by the creator, each piece is slightly different *Some glazes are designed to retain a somewhat powerful coloring effect, while retaining the opening (those that may be considered cracks) and wormholes (small holes), which are judged by mass-produced commercial manufacturers, but The surface that art creators sometimes like, in fact, does not affect the use in practice, so the author decided to leave them, to treat them with characteristics and not to judge them, but also to consider the perfectionists * In order to be as close as possible to the real thing, the exposure adjustment is corrected. However, because the display of each computer/mobile screen and the individual's perception of color may be slightly different, depending on the actual color of the work, if you can't accept the slight difference, please consider it. ▲ Story Xiaozhi Product Description ▲ /Printing method/ RISOGRAPH PRINTING Risograph stencil printing is different from general digital printing in traditional machine printing on uncoated paper. The principle is the same as stencil printing, which separates the color separation for one color and one color. Therefore, different colors may have misalignment and uneven coloring. Each piece grows differently, retaining the texture of paper and ink, which is the feature of stencil printing. /Printing / Retro Printing Jam /material paper/ Cover: Sugar Paper Inside page: pure white paper /inkink/ Gold / Navy / Mint Green / Orange /Specification size/ About 15.5cm x 5cm Every hand-cut /publishing/ 2018 summer / The off-topic story after the author actually interacted with the customer / * I feel that I would like to especially thank a clerk of retrojam. In fact, riso seems to be quite technically challenging for the gradual change. It is really troublesome to communicate back and forth, but I don’t know who helped me with this software. Service, thank you for the printing profession *In fact, I originally wanted to make a wind chime. The seniors heard that they said that they would do something useful. Others would rather want to make a cup. In fact, they decided to make a cup. In fact, the cup feels good to be a cup, because the circular curvature makes the glaze super beautiful. And the magical shape of the circle is like a large universe in a small device, which unexpectedly resonates with my heart; even if I finally decide to make a cup, when the children play with the cup, when the porcelain cups after high temperature touch each other When the crisp crepe sounds, it sounds like: When the wind bell 喔~ feeling, it’s still a little secret. (Parents will worry about breaking things, this is natural, but I will laugh and say, “You can take it up and see it.喔~”Because I remember when I was a child, I encouraged my children to touch it. If I break it, I won’t let people pay for it, because the child~ should be the age of touching and touching everywhere=w=; The theory of uselessness is also likely to challenge the wind chimes when someone listens. Someone wants to?) * Some people say that they saw the evening time. Some people said that they saw the mountains and the sky. Some people said that they saw the universe. Some people said that they saw the changes in the four seasons. I don’t know what you will see again. *Although I was hoping to reach more distant places through such a useful medium in the world: the Internet, but the photos can't be photographed, and some details are a bit sad (and then there is no money for professional photography, so I come by myself), and sure enough It’s just to touch it on the spot... (I don’t know why it’s a bit like: there are feet, there is public transportation, it’s enough to have ubike~ but if you have a car, you can reach a more unexpected distance... After the car, it seems to be lost The author's impression of the feeling of slowing down the process)


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