Pink-purple garden-style hand-made bridal jewelry

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Will the tender pink and pink-purple colors make people think of the romance of spring? Coupled with gauze and small wings, it is more suitable for brides who like garden style. Size: 13cm x 4.5cm, 10cm x4cm



Pink-purple garden-style hand-made bridal jewelry


On Friday, the Six Post Office did not open for delivery. Malaysia to Taiwan about 10 to 14 working days (depending on the weather) Only one piece of each headdress / ornament design is made, as if each bride is the most unique. Tips for wearing warmth: -After taking out the headdress from the bag, arrange it first and wear it at the angle / bend that Joe wants. -Please fix the hairstyle before putting the headwear on the wearing position, and then use the U-shaped frame to fix the headwear. If the position is fixed, the adjustment will pull the head shape. Avoid spraying the hair setting liquid on the head ornament, so as to extend the life of the head ornament. Headdress maintenance method: --The headwear is not treated with "metal processing (plating)", so please store it in a sealed bag without use to avoid oxidation. The original color cannot be restored after oxidation. -If the welded interface of the welding headwear is made by welding, the paint will be repaired, but there will still be fine seams that cannot be handled. Please don't place an order if you mind. This situation appears on the back. Headdress packaging: -Each headdress is packed without gift boxes, only thickened sealed bags. But when mailing, it will be delivered in a box package A little story that inspired me to make a bridal headdress: Since childhood, I have been fantasizing about the wedding dresses that I will wear in the future and then draw them down. After growing up, I studied clothing design with the support of my mother. During the reading process, I found that wedding dress design is very important. The delicate embellishment on it made me more fascinated and started to specialize in handmade jewelry processing. Although I didn't touch the wedding dress after graduation, I like to slowly explore the world of hand-made works that I can't compare with when I am at home. Sometimes I also make some jewelry and headdresses for friends. By chance, a very good friend asked me to make the bridal headdress for her wedding band. Looking at the baby she designed can also participate in witnessing the happiness of others. I was deeply moved. Encouraged by my friends, I decided to start selling some of my favorite works. Although I have never studied jewelry design, I am very eager to learn from my teacher. After selling on other platforms for 2 years, he flew the earned money bravely from Malaysia to Taiwan for short-term study. Only one design will be made for each design, because when designing and making, I will design and make what it feels like and how it feels if I were a bride. It feels that it cannot be copied, so the design will not be copied. Rather than make money, I hope my babies will appreciate them and let them witness happiness for me. If you are interested in understanding more about the process I usually make, please join my lnstagram: eva. T3oh Origin / manufacturing methods Malaysian design and production.


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