FOREST ROMANCE perfume bottle 10ml

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☆ A total of 16 unique fragrances are available for you to choose from, and you can make your own fragrance ~


FOREST ROMANCE perfume bottle 10ml


☆ A total of 16 unique fragrances are available for you to choose from, and you can make your own fragrance ~ ➳ Forest walk-fresh floral notes Front / middle / back Orange Blossom / Jasmine / Musk Amber As if strolling through the fresh wild mint in the sun-drenched rural garden in the morning, Others are intoxicated and addicted. ➳ One & Only-elegant floral notes Lotus Lily Orange Bergamot / Frangipani Rose Ebony / Amber Musk Freely display the unique charm of women. ➳ True-pure fruit fragrance Pear Orange Orange Bergamot / Vanilla Plumeria / Helichrysum Musk ➳ Little woman-fruity Front / middle / back Water pear / Freesia rose / Patchouli amber Gather the breath of autumn, Like the freshly picked fresh pear fragrance, with the blooming floral fragrance of white freesia, A luxurious golden sheen with woody notes of amber patchouli. ➳ Endless horizon-woody fragrance Grapefruit bergamot / black almond / patchouli amber musk Escape the hustle and bustle and walk along the shore alone to feel the sea breeze, The pure woody fragrance of spray and sage, Refreshing and lively joy blended with each other. ➳ Desire City SEX-Fresh Floral Fragrance Green leaf lemon violet / rose / musk Exuding a stylish and romantic atmosphere, The most elegant and luxurious rose freshly squeezed violet leaves and a little lemon, Distributing surprisingly quiet fragrance. ➳ High heels high heels-woody fragrance Sweet Orange Citrus Geranium / Lavender Lily / Sandalwood Potentilla Patchouli The velvety amber and musk aromas are infused with an attractive sweet orange fragrance, Create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. ➳ Green day-floral notes Lotus Lily Orange Bergamot / Freesia Rose / Musk Clean, pure taste, It's like a child's carefree feeling when playing. ➳ Born-Woody fragrance Citrus grapefruit / lavender basil / nutmeg sandalwood With a variety of charms, Lead you into the world of fragrance and smell, Unique taste leads fashion. ➳ Wiener's Realm-Floral Scent Immortelle Jasmine Tuberose Lavender Agarwood Patchouli verna in Latin Latin for "spring green" exudes spring floral fragrance, With a little childish fragrance of jasmine, tuberose followed by a little woman. ➳ Wind down (relax) -woody light floral fragrance Fields Urban and Rural Rosemary Sakura Figs Cypress Cypress Amber Musk As if lying in the arms of the father of the earth, the wooden tone allows the olfactory nerve to lead us to another realm The quiet smell of flowers and flowers flutters, and the corner of the mouth smiles without a smile. ➳ Looking up at the starry sky-light floral fragrance Chamomile orange flower immortelle patchouli juniper The taste in the starry sky belongs to him! The smell of fragrance makes people close their eyes and feel ethereal. ➳ Safe and sound after 70 years Orange blossom rosemary fig clove musk Bitter, sweet, bitter and bitter behind the strong woman An air of self-confidence makes people look intently. ➳ Equirocal (Ambiguous) Grapefruit Sweet Orange Garden Orange Coriander Seed Geranium Tuberose Verbena Verbena Sweet and sour, with a sweet breath, catching the feeling of chasing after the flower This is love ~ The most fun flavor in love, with grapefruit and sweet orange to bring out the layering. ➳Classic 18 Green leaves, red tangerine / hyacinth, jasmine, freesia, orange blossom, gardenia / musk, amber The sapphire blue flower buds radiate a sweet and energetic freshness in the incredible wild flowers, full of delicate sweetness. ➳Ladies Red Apple / Peony, Jasmine / Carmine Suede Elegant and delicate exudes a luxurious and charming atmosphere. Product Details With simple and unique design Notice: ◎ If you have any questions about the product, you are welcome to use chat or email to ask. ◎ After the goods are sold, we will try our best to deal with the problems that need to be responsible Shipping method: ◎ Spot goods are sent out within 1 ~ 3 working days. ◎ Some products are pre-ordered products. Due to the hand-made, it takes a long time to prepare. Please ask before placing an order. Customer service time: Monday to Saturday 09: 00 ~ 18: 00


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