[spirit snake series] small ring

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Spirit snake, representing wisdom and redemption, guarding wealth, symbolizes eternal life and eternal love.


[spirit snake series] small ring


Brand: irrational space Series: Spirit Snake Category: Ring Material: 925 silver Brand: Felixin' Series name: The snake. Category: Ring. Material: 925 silver . 【Design inspiration】 Spirit snake, representing wisdom and redemption, guarding wealth, symbolizes eternal life and eternal love. Snake Token: In the West, the token of the snake coil is a symbol of the medical world. It originated from the story of the Greek god of Asclepius. He has a snake-wrapped cane and a snake on the rod. The meaning of salvation. Double Snake: The Greek legend has a double-snake Mercury scepter, belonging to the god Hermes (Hermes). This double snake cane has two snakes wrapped around it with wings, representing business and negotiation. Hermes is a commercial and purse protector. Snake Ring: Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom chose an unusual snake-shaped ring when it was engaged, symbolizing eternal life, ancient power and eternal love. 【Introduction】 earring. Can be worn individually or in pairs. [production method] Refer to the prototype of snakes in nature and the serpent form recorded in mythology, design multiple images of snakes, use wax to engrave specific shapes, use traditional lost wax method, pour out pure silver pieces, and then carefully grind and make Mysterious snake jewelry. [Maintenance method] 800 silver can be washed with toothpaste, or medicinal alcohol to clean the surface, silver jewelry should not touch other chemicals, must be taken before bathing or swimming. Please store it separately, do not squeeze it to avoid scratch damage. Please put it in a sealed bag when not in use. [send method] Design items are sent to the destination by [China·Zhuhai] via SF Express. Other countries can be sent by registered mail via SF Express/FedEx/EMS, etc., and can be tracked. Thanks for supporting [irrational space] . **brand introduction** https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/58444625/O1CN01ghrXes1k2IIiJk4O9_!!58444625.jpg Inspired by cosmic inventory, Felixin' art works present mystique and eternity with distinct aesthetics and philosophy. Living in an increasingly homogeneous world, the new generation craves particular beauty. Capture each shinning idea on sketch, create glamor via forging and polishing. The irrational design is inspirational, looking for the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe, and the philosophy of everything. The work is full of mystery and unknown, with an eternal texture, thus creating a unique irrational aesthetics and worldview. We live in a homogenous world, the new generation is eager to be different, discovering good things, A stroke, depicting an irrational design pattern, and then using thousands of hammers to forge a beautiful object of shape. We are not rationally creating beauty, we are only sharing the unique time of irrationality. **Designer introduction** https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/58444625/O1CN01nzVZOT1k2IIkHWMSD_!!58444625.jpg . Felix Wu, an independent jewelry designer and university lecturer, is the founder of designer clothing brand MIRROR Collection. Felix has acute perceptivity and vigorous creativity; he applies crossover materials and techniques in jewelry designing. His works has a strong sense of contemporaneity and an exotic Atmosphere. The irrational space is an irrational small team of two designers, Felix Wu and Jenny Yan. A lecturer at Felix University, a fashion designer and cross-border artist who travels the world and seeks artistic inspiration on the road. Jenny Jewelry Designer has been indulging in craft exploration for many years, and using jewelry as a medium has caused curiosity about the unknown. https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/58444625/O1CN017n8MK21k2IIjaLyVn_!!58444625.gif . **Feel Felix's unique art at Felixin'!** **We are not rationally creating beauty, we are only sharing the unique time of irrationality.**


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