Wrist flower dry wrist flower fairy wrist flower bouquet / boutonniere / dry bouquet / immortal bouquet

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The bridesmaid’s little dress is awesome with the delicate wrist flower.


Wrist flower dry wrist flower fairy wrist flower bouquet / boutonniere / dry bouquet / immortal bouquet


Fairy 🧚🏻‍♀️ wrist flower Bridesmaid's little dress with delicate wrist flowers Very finishing touches ☝🏻 [Flower small file] Sun Rose / Immortal Flower + Not Withered Hydrangea + Canary + Rabbittail... Figure 1-2 Deep pink sun rose / purple sun rose Figure 3 pale pink sun rose Figure 4 藕 pink sun rose Figure 5-6 Cotton section Figure 7 gift box 🏷Notes ✨ It is recommended to buy boxed to avoid flower/leaf pressing. A box can hold 3 wrist flowers and can be placed as a decoration after the wedding. They are all hand-made goods, so it is impossible to make exactly the same every time, the flower shape will not be exactly the same, the perfectionist please think twice **Super merchant shipping costs fixed at $60, home delivery costs $130-170 (according to the number of purchases), please send a message to inform you that a shipping discount will be provided** ✨Other color systems, please first ask for a private message. Powder Instagram | LA FLORx Flower Leading Dry Flowers Facebook| LA FLOR x Flower introduction room ▫️About order/shipment▫️ **Shops are all made after the payment is made.**Arrange the shipment according to the order. It takes a long time to make the goods. Please make an early reservation. If you need urgent information, please contact us according to the order status. After the shipment, the delivery will take about 2-3 days, and the delivery will arrive in about 1-2 days. Due to the logistics situation, we can't grasp the exact date of arrival. **If you have any problems with the goods, please be sure to let us know by secret. We will deal with them as soon as possible, and do not directly respond to the evaluation** From ⚠️108/02/22, urgent items will be charged an urgent order fee of $200-400. ▫️Notes▫️ ✦ Some of the flowers will be adjusted slightly due to the season, the designer will choose the appropriate substitute flowers, and the acceptor will place an order. The shape and color of the flowers are different from batch to batch, and the designer will select the right flowers to make the most beautiful designs. ✦The size of the product is detailed, please confirm it again before placing the order. If you have any questions, please ask for a private message. ⚠️If you want to make a custom made according to the existing flowers in the studio, you can ask the style and color of the customer first, and you can’t make the style of the store. ▫️About dry flowers/Eternal flower buds ✦ Dry flowers are kept for about six months to one year, and there is no flowering/immortal flower for about 1-3 years, depending on the preservation status. ✦Dry flowers should be placed in a dry, ventilated place with no direct sunlight to extend the shelf life and maintain good condition. ✦ Never water, and avoid the damp bathroom, kitchen and clothes room ✦ Suitable for placement in air-conditioned rooms or in environments with humidity between 20 and 65 degrees


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