Pearly Treasure Series-Jewelry Macaron-Matcha Cherry Blossom-Designer

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Each color of the macarons is made of five beautiful colors and special methods to create a super beautiful marble pattern, and it is also sprinkled with jewelry color powder, so that the macarons color will be different due to different light. In addition



Pearly Treasure Series-Jewelry Macaron-Matcha Cherry Blossom-Designer


🐶Pearl Series-Jewelry Macarons (4 colors in total) 🐶 . 🐶This paragraph can be customized🐶 . 🐶Dimensions: Total length approximately 6.5cm / macaron approximately 2cm . 🐶Material: Japanese resin soil / Japanese hardware / Austrian Crystal Pearl / Japanese Jewelry Toner / Japan uv resin / . 🐶 is another self-confidence by Uncle Wen, and one of the stocks was sold as soon as it was on the shelves (all too late to take photos of the salon). It is really not an exaggeration. This one is very beautiful, with lots of details, and it is very interesting (?) . 🐶 Each color of Macaron is made of five beautiful colors and special methods to create a super beautiful marble pattern, and it is also sprinkled with jewelry color powder, so that the macaron color will be different due to different light. In addition, it is equipped with lovely gradient jewelry color lily of the valley and bow ear pins to complete the overall match. . The point is that the macarons will turn when worn! !! Enough fun. . Uncle Yun Wen's works contain a lot of crystal pearls, instead of ordinary plastic pearls, because crystal pearls are better in terms of color and durability. Uncle Wen also used plastic pearls made in Japan. Even though they are made in Japan, they are not as durable as crystal pearls! Although the crystal pearl is indeed more expensive, in order to make the work more complete and durable, Uncle Wen still put it in the shopping cart with a hand shake. . 🐶Therefore, the unit price of Uncle Wen's works is relatively high, because of the discerning consumables + meticulous work and time-consuming labor + consuming design = Uncle Wen's unique beautiful works 🐶 . 🐶 Ask for a welcome welcome message or pinkoi / creema, Uncle Wen is grateful 🐶🐶❤️❤️ . 文 叔 #mansuk #resin clay # resin clay # 花 球 #resin ピ ア ス #uvresin #uv レ ジ ン #pinkoi #creema # 手 作 # 手 仕事 # 爱 い #イ ヤ リ ン グ # Resin Clay # clayjewelry #accessory # 花 ピ ア ス #handmade #resin #handmadeearrings #handmadejewelry #macarons # aw19 #Macarons Uncle Dingwen—Cognitive Communication and Coordination Before Buying Handmade Products * Please read the following precautions carefully before purchasing! 1. Earrings are personal hygiene products, and no return or exchange is accepted. 2. It is made entirely by human hands and cannot be perfected with machine tools. For minor defects (fingerprints, shapes, shavings, residual glue, color, etc.), please think twice, recognize and accept it, and then buy! 3. Hand-made, so "each" works will not be exactly the same, please accept the purchase. 4. Due to the different color settings of each screen, Uncle Wen has tried to take the most original look of the product. If you feel that the product is slightly different from the photo, please forgive the buyer! Uncle Wen is grateful! 5. The works marked "Designer's Style" means that the objects presented are unchanged, but the design or placement (such as flowers) will be different. Please accept the purchase. 6, submit, ⚠️ pay attention to ⚠️ every color and flower arrangement will have a little color difference and different permutations and combinations "Yun Wen Shu Ding Dong"-wear and maintenance instructions * Oxidation is a characteristic of the metal itself. What we have to do is to delay the oxidation rate as much as possible to make it beautiful and durable. therefore: 1. Do not rub the lotion or perfume on the wearing jewelry to avoid excessive oxidation of the jewelry. 2. Please remove the jewelry when doing housework, bathing, swimming, hot springs, sports, and sleeping. 3. The hardness of hand-made products is no more than that of the machine. Please take care of any product you buy. 4. After wearing, please wipe the jewelry clean with a soft cloth, and then put it in a box or chain bag for storage. 5.**Safety helmet**is definitely the big devil! !! Although Uncle Wen has done enough to strengthen the hardness, it is still recommended not to wear earrings when wearing a helmet! Uncle Tong Wen Ding Dong Again 1. It is normal for metal products to oxidize. 2. Please treat it gently and handle it carefully. 3. Due to the humid climate in Taiwan, it is recommended to store the jewelry and desiccant in a chain bag or box (preferably in a fresh-keeping box) for storage.


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