LEADING ROLE | Twist | Design | Handmade Shoes | Purplish blue and white

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Shoes are all handmade and full leather shoes, and we provide the customization of color and size.


Leading role

LEADING ROLE | Twist | Design | Handmade Shoes | Purplish blue and white


Time, space, the universe, and the birth of life, the mystery of evolution, has been researched and explored by scientists, physicists, and theologians for thousands of years. Every scholar has its own expressions and theories, and there is no true essence. No one can really understand the truth of the universe. Because of this, it seems that human beings are small, and we must face everything in a humble manner. In this season, Leading role focuses on the mystery of life, time, space, and the universe, and apply the fantasy of the universe to the design. In the universe where the time space can be arbitrarily distorted, the flow and transformation of energy, between the virtual and real, seeing is not believing. The design concept for this season is to explore universe with philosophical perspective. Actually, the origin of design was from the meditation that the designer has been practicing for half a year. The main reason why I started practicing meditation is I couldn't release pressure which came from life and work, so I started learning meditation through serendipity. The purpose of meditation is to clear body and mind, unbound thoughts and consciousness, and let consciousness return to calm. From deeper perspective, meditation is a communication with universal energy. Meditation originated in India, an Indian philosopher, Śri Aurobindo Ghose, used to explore through multi-dimensional space many times. From his point of view, total vibration is all creature return to the original condition, and that means everything consists of different luminosity and tangible or invisible vibration, in the meanwhile it also has a considerable degree of consciousness. When a substance reaches a considerable degree of consciousness, it will bring psychodynamics, in other words, which is what we often to say "hold on to your faith and things will go your way" or "faith will move mountains". That is also meditation's theory and explanation for universe and the whole creation. Because of meditation, I have more curiosity and imagination about the universe, time, space, quantity and quality. Scientists, philosophers, and religious scientists want to learn more about the origins of life and universe through different methods and perspectives, they have different explanations and statements but still don't have final conclusion. Or maybe each contention from each school will finally lead to the same result? Because there are various possibilities, we have more curiosity and imagination about universe. ★**Product features:** All products are the original design, starting from the environment, a sense of thought, or any kind of creature, tiny and basic things. All of them inspire many possible and unique designs, and it creates some conflict and inconsistent beauty by using elegant contour as the main body with a neat arc and bright color. All shoes are made by experienced masters with manual dexterity and skilled artistry, the unique design and handicraft are different from mass-produced shoes on the market, furthermore, for wearing comfortable and durable, all product is full leather, and we can accommodate for customers' special needs (like size slightly adjust), shoes become an action artwork is our Brand largest purpose. Upper: full grain cow leather Lining: pigskin leather Outsole: Italy leather sole Welt: cow leather welt Heel: ABS with layer of cow leather heel cover Heel high(include top piece):3CM Origin / manufacturing methods made in Taiwan, handmade product


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