Chiayi Meishan Manor Honey Treatment (114g)

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Taste spectrum: Sesame, cocoa, honey, dark chocolate.


114g x 1



Chiayi Meishan Manor Honey Treatment (114g)


"product description" Longyan Village is located in the northern part of Chiayi, within the Alishan National Scenic Area. In the past, it was famous for "Green Heart Oolong Tea". In recent years, the technology has been upgraded and the production of "Jinxuan Black Tea" is sold throughout the country. It is a famous tea producing area in China. The coffee produced by the golden tea farmer Mr. Jian Mingzhu is about 900 meters above sea level. The coffee garden sits from west to east. The betel nut, tea and coffee trees coexist in the garden. They are grown in natural farming methods and do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The manor has accumulated many years of tea-making experience and applied the tea-making secrets to coffee production. The coffee in Longan Village is transparent and pure, with a lingering aftertaste. The flavor profile includes sesame, cocoa, honey, dark chocolate and other flavors. It is refreshing and thick in the sweetness. "How to raise beans" Unlike the stale beans of commercially available "ground coffee", specialty coffee can only be drunk fresh. The freshly roasted coffee is a fresh product. The inside of the beans is still undergoing chemical changes, and carbon dioxide will be properly discharged. This is called "exhaust". The process takes about three days to one week. In this stage, the various chemical substances in the cooked beans continue to transform. As the container or bag is filled with carbon dioxide, a protective layer is formed, which helps the bean transformation process to reduce oxidation. This process of transformation is what the roaster calls "growing beans", and it is also a necessary process for the formation of coffee flavor. The product packaging of Mori Takasago Coffee comes with a "one-way exhaust valve". The function of the one-way exhaust valve is to raise beans. When the exhaust of freshly roasted beans exceeds the upper limit of the container volume, the excess gas can be exhausted through the one-way exhaust valve. Since it is "one-way", the bean storage tank/bag will not inhale oxygen during the process and cause oxidation, so it can be regarded as sealed until it is opened. After the roaster completes the roasting, we will carry out 8 hours of temperature and humidity control aeration before sealing or bagging the beans. However, "bean raising" is still in progress at this time. It is recommended that you don't rush to open the beans after receiving the beans. Compare the baking date on the bottom of the can or bag, and open it on the fifth day from the baking date. Enjoy the most fragrant coffee. Usually this is the next day after you receive the beans, and will not cause you to wait too long. The process of "raising beans" is carried out by coffee beans together with consumers. We recommend that consumers try to drink them in stages starting from Kaifeng to experience the varied and different flavors of the beans as they mature. "Preservation and Use" The coffee beans should be fresh. Each jar of Morita Coffee's beans are fresh beans roasted exclusively for you. Appreciation time is about 4 weeks from the baking date. Please use it as soon as possible during this time (regardless of whether it is opened or not), and remember to store it in a low-humidity and cool place, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. We will put a deoxidizer in each can/bag when we ship. The purpose of the deoxidizer is to prevent the lack of oxygen in the cans/bags during "bean-raising" to prevent the effect of "bean-raising" from diminishing. The deoxidizer cannot prolong the fresh-keeping time after opening the can. Please throw it away after opening the can/bag. Don't eat it by mistake! However, due to the relationship between temperature and humidity, the freshness of coffee beans will vary depending on the season and climate. If you can't finish drinking at a time or the weather is too hot, it is recommended that you put the coffee beans in the refrigerator for storage. Remind you that due to the high humidity in Taiwan, the beans are easily contaminated with moisture when you take them out of the refrigerator. Remember to take them out when you need to grind them. Don't let the bean storage tank leave the refrigerator too early. "Reusable Bean Storage Tank" Mori Takasago Coffee's bean tank is equipped with a one-way exhaust valve, which can be used for coffee beans preservation. It is recommended that customers can reuse them, then purchase soft bag products, enjoy preferential treatment while being environmentally friendly, and do their part for the earth. The bean storage tank is a tinplate tank. You can wipe the inside of the tank. It is not recommended to clean it with water. If you want to put it in the dishwasher, do not use detergent to prevent the detergent from infiltrating the one-way breather valve, and air dry as soon as possible after washing to avoid rust. "Introduction of Origin" Located at the junction of Chiayi and Yunlin, integrating the characteristics of the two major producing areas of Alishan and Gukeng Huashan, Meishan tea farmers have embarked on a new coffee road. After twelve years of silent cultivation, Longan Village, which is famous for growing tea, uses its experience in making tea to grow coffee with a unique special flavor. Longyan Village is about 1,000 meters above sea level. The coffee field and tea garden are mixed planting, which is a rare example of "double habitat" for domestic coffee farmers.


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