Blue Lucky Labradorite 14K Gold Bracelet

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May luck be with you. Labradorite: also known as spectrum stone, it is said that there are legends that attract good things, such as wealth, people, and so on.



Blue Lucky Labradorite 14K Gold Bracelet


Blue Lucky Labradorite 14K Gold Bracelet ______________________________________ Our carefully selected labradorite flickering with faint blue light, Remove semi-precious stones without blue light, Each string is made of 14 packets of K gold wire. In the light, the moment of rotation is like blue moonlight on the gem, Labradorite is very beautiful. Labradorite: also known as spectrum stone, it is said that there are legends that attract good things, such as wealth, people, and so on. ______ You do n’t have to take it off when washing your hands. If you want to make the color last long, it is recommended to remove the metal jewelry before bathing. 14 packs of K gold are well-maintained, not easy to fade, and are accessories that can accompany you for a long time. ______ ░ Hand circumference measurement: Take a piece of cotton thread about the thickness of the bracelet, wrap it tightly, not tightly or loosely. Please do not leave a gap. Then select the size. You can also leave your hand circumference in the remarks. The size of your hand circumference is customized by the designer. ░ We will adjust the number of beads near the buckle according to our hands, which may be odd. If the bracelet has special requirements, such as wearing loose or fitting a little, Welcome remarks in the remarks column, it is recommended to measure the length of the thin bracelet you usually wear (flat measurement), For designers reference, can be customized more accurately! (Due to the limitation of manual winding of the wire, there will still be a small error of about 0.3 cm) Hand circumference reference: Designer 164/56, the hand circumference is about 14.3, choose "hand circumference 14.5", the bracelet is reserved for about 1-1.3 cm, which is 15.5-15.8 cm, Wear as shown below: ______ | Material | 14 packs of gold (printed on the button). 1/20 14K Gold Filling: Referred to as 14K GF, which represents 5% of the total gold content, using 14K gold for high temperature forging, under high temperature and high pressure conditions 14K gold is forged on the outside of the metal tire, the surface hardness is strong, the wear resistance is high, and it is not easy to lose the k gold texture. After wearing for a long time, it will become oxidized and darkened like pure silver. You can use silver cloth or toothpaste to clean it. | watch out | Please wear 14 packs of K gold after applying perfume and lotion for five minutes to absorb. Avoid direct contact with K gold. It will turn black for a long time. You do n’t have to remove your hands to wash your hands. After washing your hands, please dry them with the accessories. Usually you can clean the K gold bag with a little water. It is recommended to remove it when bathing, swimming, sweating a lot, or in hot springs. | Free gift packaging and time requirements | **If you need a gift, you need to cooperate in time, or you need to receive it within one week. Please send a message to the designer to discuss and confirm.** **If you are not in a hurry, the VIP who received OK about one week can directly leave a note:** 1. "English name or nickname of the giver" 2. "English name or nickname of the recipient" 3. "Birthday gifts, thanks ... etc." 4. Do you need a card? -A blank card, you can write your own. -I want a computer typing service and leave "what I want to say to him", and we will make a small card for you for free. 5. If the package is sent directly to the address of the other party, please be sure to leave it in the remarks, we will remove all the price tags. **Please confirm directly in the remarks. If you do fill in, you can save time to confirm the message.** | Material | 14 packs of K gold (printed on the buckle) labradorite. | watch out | 14 packs of K gold, like K gold, belong to a softer texture, and because the chain is very thin, please treat it as gently as possible :) There is no problem in normal wearing without pulling it ~ Please try not to pull hard when wearing, especially when putting on or taking off clothes. | How to use and maintain | The advantages of 14 packs of gold are not easy to fade, fade, and allergies. After being exposed to air for a long time, it will slightly oxidize and turn black. At this time, you can use a silver cloth to wipe, or lightly brush with a little toothpaste to restore the original brightness. Please dry it afterwards or dry it with the cold air of a hair dryer. Put it in the storage bag after wearing, it can be extended to the next cleaning time. | Because it is purely handmade, and for quality control, it takes several days to produce (three to six working days), Please consider the urgent items. Please contact the designer first if you have time requirements. The mark will not be known to the designer at the time of remarks. Thank you for your patience. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan handmade


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