BIRDY CS upgraded version of the thin notebook

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The height of the notebook is 20 degrees, the shoulder and neck are not sore / the height of the platform is 60 degrees, the pursuit is easy / 140 grams of all aluminum alloy, light and good with / 2.8 cm thin, storage space / two colors: calm black, pure



BIRDY CS upgraded version of the thin notebook

商品説明 **2.8 cm thin notebook** Lightweight and portable design, 2.8 cm thickness is easy to carry, and it does not take up space in the bag. Adapt to the challenges of various environments, just adjust to the best visual angle, put it on the tablet or laptop and use it. The ergonomic design allows the computer to maintain air circulation. The screens are parallel and the shoulders and necks are no longer stiff. **Best with a pen holder** Bring a laptop, a set of external keyboard mice, and a set of lightweight laptops, every coffee shop in the city, every gazebo next to the beach, is a mobile office. The ergonomic chair, the screen frame and the pen holder in the office can improve typing speed and work efficiency. Now I want to change the environment to work remotely. Just fold the notebook frame, be as thin and thin as the keyboard, put it in the laptop bag, take it with ease, and go wherever you want, you can arrange the simple table and chair to be ergonomic. The office of the school, the remote work is as efficient. **The notebook is high, and the typing speed is 50% faster.** A small action with a high pencil height can reduce the pressure on the neck, and obviously make 70% increase the typing accuracy, and thus increase the typing speed! Swedish sports medicine expert Anna L. Berkhout, published in the international medical journal Applied Ergonomics, has a high-energy notebook and no high-powered laptop, which has the effect on cervical torque, pressure and productivity. Berkhout found that using the pen holder, the cervical vertebra pressure was reduced by an average of 24%, and the typing accuracy rate increased by an average of 17% in 10 minutes. **Deep in the body** It looks like a simple shape, but with a stunt. As long as the angle is adjusted, the line of sight is parallel to the screen after the pen is placed on the screen, and then an external keyboard and mouse are used, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also makes the body easy and comfortable. I want to learn this effort, it doesn't take years, everyone is a master. **My own drama hall** Finally, you can enjoy the drama, the first-hand cola drink, and the first-hand popcorn is fun. Easily set up the tablet, stand on the table, no need to look for rehabilitation. The ergonomic elevation angle design, the best visual angle, can be easily solved regardless of office, movie or film learning. **Arbitrary control of the pen angle** "This angle is too high, can't be lower?", "It's too low, can't you be a few centimeters higher?" If you have a flexible extension, you can choose whatever angle you want. Just pull up and push down, and you can achieve the most comfortable sight in a few steps. The easiest way is to make yourself happy and play games without burden. **One against two** The tablet has a tablet stand, and the notebook has a pen holder. But have you tried this one over two? Now that you have him, how easy it is to adjust. 6 吋 flat to 16 吋 notebook, can easily control without any effort, flexible space, no segment angle, with personal preferences, used to say good. **With effortless effort** Put it in the notebook, you can't feel the weight. Light and thin, it takes less space and takes it with you. The problem is all OUT at one time. With him wherever he goes, it can be a work space and a leisure time. **One action completed** It only needs to be recessed to complete the storage, without any effort and time, to achieve the maximum benefit in the most convenient way, special patent design, internal and external angles to master. Read books to prepare for the exam, the platform to play the drama, the notebook to open the work, from small to large as stable.


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