Royal Soap | frankincense essential oil moisturizing soap for special care for dry skin 150 grams | Order 3 Get a USB travel charger set + Mask


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  • Legendary sacred ancient Royal handmade soap

    As early as in ancient Rome and ancient Egypt, the use of frankincense bark secreted a milky sap, become solidified frankincense
    Resin, and then the mastic made of frankincense and spices, was regarded as the most noble extravagant beauty of St.
    Products, equivalent to the value of precious gold, and the king and queen is dedicated Aifei rejuvenation skin care products, with more
    At the dedication of the temple as a tribute holy prayers, will join the top frankincense Royal handmade soap
    For dry skin is moisturizing and skin care soap St., prevent skin aging and fine wrinkles formation, so
    Skin cell regeneration, Royal handmade soap to add a lot of vitamin E oil, skin matte and shiny,
    Radiant skin reproduce, distribute noble seductive Sensation.

    Royal handmade soap is a moisturizing skin care soap, especially for dry skin, rich in moisturizing glycerin,
    Vitamin E, repair and moisturizing, gaunt, rough skin. Can produce fine foam cleaning,
    The clean water oil-soluble dirt.

    Suitable for: special dry skin
    Soap material: Top frankincense, senior olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil,
    Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, palm oil.
    Soap Size: 67 H x 62 W x 38 mm H
    Soap Body Weight: 150 grams
    Packing: exquisite style three color gift box
    North Canton Wei makeup word No. 10,506,139

    ‧ during product promotions, bonus Gifts customer feedback:
    1. The first consumer purchase three Royal Soap, group travel charger available for mobile phones,
    Tablet PC, including 5V-2A USB charging body, with the United States, EU, British regulations
    Conversion plug (price 500 yuan)

    2. The ultimate multi-effect a mask, the mask contains moisturizing factor, a high concentration of hyaluronic acid,
    Silk protein, vitamin B3, B5, calendula extract, witch hazel, cucumber extract ingredients
    Can be moisturizing, repairing, static white and moisturize the skin.
    (No alcohol, chemical flavors, spices, acid component)

    Handmade soap cold system to help your self-cultivation Kobo US production, all using natural vegetable oil advanced formula that can guarantee
    Glycerol stay saponification produced in soap to keep your skin hydrated and moist. Do not add any chemical
    Surfactant materials, coloring, flavors, additives fluorescent agent, a mild skin cleansing
    Ability, good cleaning, no residue, easy to decompose, less pollution, satisfy our innate desire to love the beautiful,
    Doubling loved his body and know how to take good care of your health.

    Taiwan can continue to maintain the beauty and diverse ecological fun, we do not deliberately play environment spoilers
    Should cherish water resources, rivers, watersheds, coastal habitat and fish farm resources. Everyone in daily life
    Live to lead by example, with a lower waste pollution cleaning products, to improve the environment we live in
    Quality and helpful, so that all residents and diverse valuable species would be sustainable and healthy life.

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Origin: Taiwan / handmade
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Royal Soap | frankincense essential oil moisturizing soap for special care for dry skin 150 grams | Order 3 Get a USB travel charger set + Mask

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