Japanese ceramic hand-made Indian Trace - Trace a series of containers II

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オーダーメイド可能な商品, Pinkoi限定商品
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Japanese ceramic hand-made Indian Trace - Trace a series of containers II


●● Japanese ceramic hand-made print trace - trace a series of containers II ●● /design concept/ Each person will have many, many memories. Large-scale works is the human body curve, Spine part represents the memories, By showing everyone works like memories imprinted as engraved on the body. The use of container as a form of creation is able to feel more involved in Richangshenghuo while hand feel for warmth. / Product Stories / "Your memories are mostly happy or painful?" "Painful memories can be let go?" Each person's life will experience a lot of things There are happy, sad, painful, Some people experience pain more than happy to do, Some people are suffering more than happy, Nobody's life is perfect, We do not give up their own perfection and defect, It is like a deep imprint engraved in our body. /Dimensions/ The container (10 × 6 × 13) cm Hand-made goods by biscuit firing and glaze firing after a slight size error is inevitable. /product quality/ White porcelain glaze Please read the details before ●●●● later ●●●● /Precautions/ - Hand-made goods by 800 degrees after biscuit firing and glaze firing 1230 degrees, the size of some error is inevitable. - This series of products is consistent with the hand as the primary and unique, can be custom-made. - Does not accept the work of others for the creation of customized basis, because we respect all creators. - All goods will be after the bubble into the appropriate size paper packaging boxes sent. / Color problems on commodities / All products are all built-in camera phone iphone6, then adobe photoshop cc of goods and photo color correction than strive in daylight saw the actual appearance of the goods. Tour, a surface reflection of the extent of the screen, viewing environment mused will produce color, do not mind if it will with orders. If you have any questions you are also very welcome to contact the designer, thank you :) Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade