▍ Variety bag backpack can be shoulder - shoulder - oblique shoulder with super good! Original rare - rate of gray

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▍ Variety bag backpack can be shoulder - shoulder - oblique shoulder with super good! Original rare - rate of gray


**Price NT $ 2,790, NOW Preempt price NT $ 2,350** Pay attention to texture, shape "instant upgrade" Unique design, a small amount of distribution, not hit package! A pack of more bags, Regardless of shoulders, shoulder, side back, oblique back, 360 ° are easy to use, are nice! https://imgur.com/Kgn7bvZ.jpg It is designed for the orchestra. Inspired by the underground band, we imagine a new band, in the campus with the stage between the brave dream, But also classes, but also work, but also training group, but also dating, but also to perform at night ... So she (he) need a bag of this nature: Can be a wild shape, practical super, natural materials with the natural rate, there is a strong military, will be simple. https://imgur.com/1HNhgsJ.jpg ● can be small, large capacity It has five compartments, the main space with your stuff, After the bag: paste back there are two bags, can be divided into mobile phones, keys, backhand quickly pick up, pocket back is very safe, Before the bag: deepen the pocket, can put drinks, umbrellas, Inside the bag: inside a large compartment, can be put down A4 files, laptop, tablet, book. ● Non-plated metal For environmental protection, bold attempt to "no plating" of the metal, thick and durable, But there is a particularly good look "raw material" texture, almost the bag sector of the water model. ● thick pounds of cotton canvas No plastic nylon, using high-strength, cotton thick pound canvas, Wear resistant and durable, hand stubborn sewing. ● Removable cover sheet Bag mouth beam design, coupled with simple shape of the cover, showing a special type, Cover sheet can also be removed, into a convenient to take the Tote. https://imgur.com/jWqX453.jpg You know the gray good, From fresh, flowers, pure black, no matter how to wear, Gray are very with, instantly in place, without thinking of the first choice. Value of the design, Different, tomorrow it back, ready to addiction. There are [black] and [white] 2 colors to choose from: ☞ [Black] https://www.pinkoi.com/product/QWSzDDpa?category=1 ☞ [white] https://www.pinkoi.com/product/r4NN3NcK?category=1 specification: Length 32cm X Height 43cm X Side Width 14cm https://imgur.com/GVfVtUP.jpg **▍Designed and Made in Taiwan** Taiwan design, Taiwan handmade