【The Flower of Life❀/Hexagram✡Balance/Open Chakra-9th Anniversary 59 Discount limited edition combination】


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    __**EnergeticPower 9th Anniversary 58 Discount limited edition

    **【Activity Description】**
    All the blessings into two forces, at the ninth anniversary of the moment dedicated to all the energy light friends.

    **【The Flower of light ❀Energy Light disc】**

    **【Hexagram✡Energy Light disc】**

    **{Limited}_Energy Light Disc**
    Common problems of modern people ** ** impatient, ** dizzy **, ** too much pressure **, ** insomnia **, ** autonomic disorders **, ** high blood pressure **, ** diabetes **, ** chronic disease **, ** cancer ** ... .. and so on.
    How to help themselves in the process, stop and re-adjust, re-start to help themselves to understand the meaning of life, to find the source of life, to re-let their mood stable, stable atmosphere, clear-headed, happy to face all The difficulties of life and wind and rain, this energy can help you maintain a balance, in the chaos of the wave of Amoy turbulent life, to maintain balance to move forward.
    To help them adjust their breath, restore the mind clear, healthy, stable atmosphere, to find the meaning of life, to link the source of life with the Earth Mother, open their own energy, re-start to create a better health and body, a better life, rich wealth. These are the energy stone can help you place, still need everyone to achieve their goals.

    **NTD$ 8800**
    **(Original price NTD$15000 )**
    Buy The Flower of Life or Hexagram Energy Light Disc, Pumping limited pyramid, only two !!

    **The Flower of Life** December to January 31 only!!!

    Purification and transformation of the Earth 's energy, link the source of life (the sun).

    **The Flower of Light & Orgonite**




    **三、Emotional adjustment**

    **四、Clear negative energy**
    Breathing meditation: deep breathing to the lower abdomen (abdominal breathing) 6 seconds, stop 6 seconds, spit 6 seconds.
    Meditation Meditation:
    Step one, do not want anything, nothing, feel the spiritual and spiritual changes.

    Step two, take orgonite link the source of life, meditation and purification of their own residence.

    Step 3, at least 1 to 2 times a week meditation, breathing exercises, think of to do, as much as possible to extend the number of seconds, your mind will become increasingly clear and better physical strength, just do it , you will know.

    **五、Wearing or decorating**



    In a binary opposition world emphasizes absolute.
    "Absolutely good, always good."
    Emphasizing the level of right or wrong, emphasis on one side, resulting in exhaustion, wisdom pause, consumption of physical strength, energy,
    Everything without exhibition.
    At present all kinds of energy in this state, so from the individual to the continuous dissipation of social and economic energy, but progress is slow.

    **Mer ka ba**
    Bringing new thinking, learning yin and yang, good and evil, the balance of right and wrong, so that we understand the yin yang, yin in the yin of the natural law.

    High school has a low, low in the high, inclusive.

    Enhance the binary opposition wisdom, instead learn to balance, the doctrine of the mean, everything is not too much and less, because the balance, so the endless supply of renewable.

    "Balance" and "moderation"
    The ancients taught the truth, regeneration, balance, re-start, healthy and happy life, to move forward to break the current impasse.

    In the binary opposition world, the emphasis is high, low, competition, right and wrong, this way of life in the dual world, will make people very tired, what will lose the energy, physical, competitive energy, lost All the energy.

    **short story:**
    A person riding a motorcycle, has been right side,
    The last will be spinning in the right,
    But also consume all the oil locomotive,
    Consuming all the energy,
    Still no progress,
    Because he was biased towards one side,
    Unable to balance the advance
    If we learn to balance,
    We can operate this one locomotive,
    With the direction we need to manipulate it,
    Rather than paranoid in one direction.
    Learn to balance is the key to the rise,
    But also enhance the wisdom from the three-dimensional element to enhance the real secret of a higher dimension,
    This is the hexagram in teaching people to learn to balance,
    The Moderation of the wisdom of everything.


    *Why has been right turn around the circle it ??? *
    Because paranoia has been around
    The oil is depleted
    People are exhausted

    You can pass the energy of the energy of the light of Merkaba / Life Flower,
    Combined with six pieces of energy Biaodi open the body seven chakras,
    Clean up the chakra energy,
    The use of Austrian diamond combination of meditation reconstruction chakra B too energy flow,
    Let the energy flow in the chakra,
    From the chakras through the meridians to reach the body of each cell,
    Balance their energy,
    Creating the miracle and happiness of all life.

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Taiwan origin of hand-made
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【The Flower of Life❀/Hexagram✡Balance/Open Chakra-9th Anniversary 59 Discount limited edition combination】

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