*Welfare / display*burrito key case

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-Clearance of welfare / display items, only one for each color -Burrito Key Case -Free typing (within 8 characters)


*Welfare / display*burrito key case


**This is a welfare item / display item, and the recipient can place an order to purchase it.** **The product may be a product that accidentally has some "small flaws but does not damage the integrity of the product" during the production process.** **Or products that are in good condition but have been used for "display" purposes,** **There is only one piece of each color** **Welfare products cannot be returned after purchase, please confirm before purchasing.** - Take care of the important keys carefully, No more fishing in bags, You can insert your leisure card, i-Cash or magnetic card at home behind the middle mezzanine. The simple design is beautiful! We like the combination of colored leather and primary colors. Let you enjoy the beauty of leather color changes during use :) - Leather also has spots and scars like human skin. Therefore, please understand the characteristics of handmade works, you can accept repurchase. This product can be typed, with**English uppercase and lowercase**and**number**choose from, **It is more appropriate to type within 8 letters.** After purchase, you can fill in the words you want to type in the remarks, and we will choose the appropriate place to print. The manual stamping is not as neat as a machine, and the recipient can choose to type the word:) **After typing, you cannot return or exchange for personal preference.** https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4620/24887437017_a6675503a3_b.jpg ⊿ Color: by picture 规格 Specifications: The basic hardware color is bronze (not specified), 6 key rings, 1 mezzanine, no inner. (All products have the logo of HaoHuo.Lab) ⊿ Size: from about 7 * 11CM. 材质 Material: Cowhide ⊿ Use and maintenance: Use it every day is the best maintenance, please wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it in water. ▲ Small reminder: 1) Animals, like human skin, will leave scars and other marks due to the growth process. We like this primitive style very much, so unless it is too serious, we will not deliberately avoid it. I hope you like it as much as we do This feeling. 2) Each piece is hand-made. The temperature of the hand-made is more flavorful. You are welcome to communicate the details before ordering. The working day is always more than 7 days. After the completion, we will not accept returns due to personal preferences! 3) The product has no inner design. The back of the leather will be treated with the basic treatment agent, so it is normal to have leather fibers or leave processing marks on the inside. 4) The dyed goods are dyed by hand, so the color will be slightly different depending on the condition of the leather surface. It may be a little color uneven or uneven. This is normal. So please don't worry :) - ⊿ Good Goods Concept Lab Haohuo.lab 【Leather • Woodwork • Teaching • Handwork】 One person loves woodworking, and one person loves leather and handmade. The two people's biggest dream is to open a favorite shop. Will turn everything into a finished product that can warm you and me through enthusiasm, and quietly and tenderly accompany us every spring, summer, autumn and winter. Continue to join hand-made teaching courses, so that more people can experience the touch of completing a product in person. Give yourself courage, add energy, and get ready to go! Every day is the best exercise to test your ability. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan handmade


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